Sustainable E‑Commerce

Make your business more effective by leveraging data across departments
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Increase the profitability of your e-commerce business as a whole, on both the buying and selling side.


  • Sustainability / Profitability
  • Data accessibility
  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaign effectivity
  • Supply chain management


  • Founder
  • CEO
  • CMO
  • Performance Marketing Manager
  • Category Manager

Your E-commerce Challenges and Our Solutions


sustainable e-commerce_profitability_v2


Use product-level performance data to find your most and least profitable products; scale the winners and reduce the impact of the losers. Understand the performance of every SKU.




Automatically sync all product data with your supply chain management process. The product level marketing performance data greatly enhances your ability to predict, allowing for more precise orders to reduce markdown and deadstock at the end of the season.


sustainable e-commerce_growth


Find the best growth opportunities within your inventory based on profitability factors like margin and chance of return. Find the best channel for scaling the product, and feel secure in your success before adding budget behind the campaign.


sustainable e-commerce_collaboration


Connect departments to the same source of data, and establish cooperation. Enable your marketing team to solve technical issues without relying on IT support, and give your graphic designers the ability to generate and test creatives at scale.

What’s included:

features_sus_product insights

Product-Level Insights

Collect product-level performance data from all digital marketing channels to enhance your product feed with insights like margins, return rates, and stock levels.

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sustainable ecommerce_col_integrations


Connect your marketing team with BI, CRM, and inventory data to improve collaboration and make campaigns more effective.

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digital designer_sus_video and image ad templates

Creative Capabilities

Make video ads in seconds using just a static image, and apply custom templates to your dynamic product ads to personalize campaigns.

sustainable ecommerce_sus_data lab

Data Lab

Compare data from every channel side-by-side, and find the right channel for each product.

sustainable e-commerce_sus_automation


Automate the ad creation and operation process, and focus instead on analyzing and optimizing campaigns for further growth and profitability 

sustainable ecommerce_sus_audiences

Refine Audience

Determine which visitors are most likely to convert based on time spent on site, pages viewed, purchases made, and more. Now refine the audience you target by excluding those who don't qualify

How Does ROI Hunter Work?

ROI Hunter is a Product Performance Management (PPM) platform, connecting marketers with actionable data for Facebook, Instagram, and Google campaigns, increasing the capacity of graphic designers with customisable templates, and supporting category managers with performance insights.
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