Introducing Refine Audience

Create and refine your Facebook audiences beyond Facebook’s native advertising options, and run more profitable campaigns.
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Refine Audience examples


Only retarget users who spent X total seconds on your website or specific page(s).


Only retarget users who visited your site X times in a defined period.


Only retarget users who have already made X conversions.


Only retarget users who have already spent $X.

Refine Audience in action

refineAudience_big_target high quality website visitors

Save budget and target high-quality website visitors

Don't spend your budget on disinterested visitors. Refine Audience enables you to filter out the average 15-20% of users who bounce from your website within the first 10 seconds. 

refineAudience_big_identify frequent users

Identify frequent users on your website

Frequent visitors are more likely to be interested in your product. With Refine Audience you can separate them from other visitors, and offer them special deals to nudge them toward that conversion.

refineAudience_big_what we have seen so far

What we have seen so far

One of our client's campaigns using Refine Audience managed to lower cost per click (CPC) by 66% simply by excluding visits who bounced in under 30 seconds. The click-through rate (CTR) for this same exclusion increased over 2x, and the ROI of 21% increased to 97%. 

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