Work hard. Play hard.

Play for our team and you will get more than just a paycheck. In addition to the coolest team ever, you can look forward to the chance to constantly move the boundaries of the impossible.

Your friends will be envious when you talk about your job.


Driven by Passion

We love what we do and are pretty good at it. Our aim is to be surrounded by people who help us create the company and its culture, not only those who just want to fit in.

Technologies & development processes


What's it like working in our Dev Team?

We know choosing your new employer is an important decision. That's why we want to give you honest expectations. We are a start-up - open to new technologies, as long as they prove useful. We strive to have developer co-operation and do our best to foster it. At the same time, we move at the speed of light and development tasks come in faster than we can realistically solve them. So don't expect to theorize about virtual coding challenges anytime soon.


5 Reasons to work with us


We don't make processes for our processes. Ideas over egos, always.

Have a dog or a kid?

We've heard they don't like to stay home alone. Bring them in. Peace of mind for you. A chance to be doted on by the whole office for them.

Flat Organization

You can reach out to anyone at any time and get things done quickly. No approval blockers.

Play as a Team

We rely on each other to brainstorm ridiculous ideas in order come up with crazy innovative solutions.

Summer or Winter Office

Changing the work environment can be uplifting. So, why not program from a beach or have a call with a client from the Alps? Way cooler than having home-office.

Haven't found a position suitable for you?

Don't be sad

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We asked our people

  • ‘‘Coming from an advertising background, it's great to work for a company that doesn't "sit on it's horses", but rather continuously invents new hacks and functionalities for it's customers. I get to present these to some of the biggest advertisers out there...“

    Erik Werner

    Client Partner

  • ‘‘Having heard some of the stories from other people’s experience with HR has made me that much more careful to remember that it really is about 'Human Relations' - not just pushing through paperwork and organizing parties. We are there to listen, care and guide our employees throughout their time with us. After all, I am not a robot and I don’t expect to treat others as such.“

    Dana Paděrová

    HR Specialist

  • ‘‘Keeping up with the big boys (Facebook - in particular) in terms of creativity, user experience and products can be a challenge. Nothing beats that. I wake up in the morning, get to work and am excited to find out what I will work on. It also helps that I have a great team of people to bounce ideas off. It sharpens the mind and I know that I can keep up with developers anywhere.“

    André Lima

    Front End Developer

Behind our curtains