Become a Hunter

Our mission and vision together with our values is the main aim we have during building our product. Behind every product is a team and people that we really value, every single personality. Learn more about our culture here.
Digital marketers
Managed ad spend


We are here to make e-commerce marketing easier and more personal.


We believe everyone should be able to discover products that make them happy.

Product development

We work as one big team! But to achieve the best results and build the platform well and fast, we need to divide every single problem into small chunks. Therefore we have teams taking care about the particular parts of our platform and business. Understanding client's problem is crucial for us and every single team works on their own challenges to bring the biggest value to our customers. Every single team has a bit different targets, tools and micro-products. Together we build the platform and here you can read about our team style as well as about the particular teams and their life.


Our mission is to help e-commerce companies around the globe to inspire people with products they will love and to run a profitable business at the same time. Commercial team in ROI Hunter consists of experts who get in touch with prospective customers, understand their challenges, get them on board and play crucial role in growing their business. We are open to new ideas, always evolving and we love to have an impact. If this makes you tick and you want to have a lot of fun while building a global business with us - get in touch!

5 Reason To Work With Us


We will never be a soul-less corporation

We don‘t make processes for our processes. Ideas over egos, always.


Have a dog or a kid?

We‘ve heard they don‘t like to stay home alone. Bring them in. Peace of mind for you. A change to be doted on by the whole office for them.


Flat organization

You can reach out to anyone at any time and get things done quickly. No approval blockers.


Play as a team

We rely on each other to brainstorm ridiculous ideas in order to come up with crazy innovative solutions.


Summer or winter office

Changing the work environment can be uplifting. So, why not program from a beach or have a call with a client from the Alps? Way cooler than having home-office.