Our core values


Have an impact

Real impact comes from combining expertise with a curiosity for the needs of the customer. Add in the drive to discover solutions for those needs and your impact will be noticed.

At ROI Hunter, we don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do. We identify what’s important, we suggest solutions, and we focus on executing those tasks.

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Focus on improvement

We are on a continuous path toward improvement. There are always opportunities to make ROI Hunter, and even e-commerce, better. The more we explore, adapt, and experiment with new tools and technology, the bigger impact we will have.

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Be open

Our transparency and vulnerability are what allows us to move into uncertain, often demanding situations, and expose ourselves to risk. We believe that this moves us forward.

We are open to receiving feedback, as it helps us grow, and we are open to new ideas from anyone who has them.

What’s it like to work at ROI Hunter?

Sam, Sales Director

What I like most about working at ROI Hunter is the people and culture we have. You can speak your mind with anyone in the business from CEO to new starter, senior management trust you to deliver on your goals, and there's a continuous loop of feedback both upward and downward so everyone can improve. It has allowed me and my peers to thrive here. As a result, we continue to grow phenomenally across the EMEA region.

Maurits, Global Alliances Manager

Since I started working at ROI Hunter, my career has really skyrocketed. The autonomy of the business allows me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and be very creative in my way of thinking. Well thought out ideas and integrity will always be supported by ROI Hunter.

You can be a leader and create your own projects, leaving an impact for the business and your career progression. If you are looking for a career in sales, are ready to roll up your sleeves, and are keen to being coached into a sales super star, I would highly recommend applying for a job here.

Bity, Head of Support

My journey in ROI Hunter started in 2016 as a tester, discovering the possibilities of automated testing with Selenium. Since then, I have moved from testing to support, which I now lead. This is probably the thing I like most about ROI Hunter - with high effort, you can move to a position that fits you and the business the best.

Jirka, Python Developer

I was hired in 2016 right after finishing my school with very little experience. I'm proud of working with people that soon became my best friends. I've seen our company evolve and I'm still learning new things. I'm glad to be here and I look forward to what the future brings us.

Charlotte, Customer Success Manager

Something I really like about working at ROIH is the people; they are hardworking, talented, and skillful in their professions, and most importantly they are kind-hearted and ready to support you, which is vital for newcomers in any workplace.

I would say ROIH has an impeccable work environment that is internally motivating, and is an inspirational arena to discover, learn and enjoy working in the industry of ad’s technology and so much more.

Denisa, Talent Acquisition Manager

I started in ROI Hunter as an ordinary tech recruiter. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to be fully responsible for the hiring process, metrics for the whole company, hands-on relocations, employee surveys, and so many other improvements. I love the trust and support we give each other.

I'm now the Talent Acquisition Manager for ROI Hunter, which gives me the chance to focus on bigger picture hiring decisions and help train our new recruiters. I love working for a company that has so many opportunities for career development.

Jan, Financial Controller

The best thing about ROI Hunter is the possibility to work on really challenging and interesting projects. Because of that, I am able to gain experience very quickly and moreover, I can cooperate with such inspiring and supportive colleagues.

Eszter, Sales Associate

You know that you found your dream job when you equally love your colleagues and your daily tasks. Our little sales team created a fun, motivating and inspiring environment - full of learning opportunities. I couldn’t be happier to be part of this company, I am looking forward to the future challenges.

Giovanni, Customer Support Specialist

Working at ROI Hunter was outstanding from day 1. A good work environment equals more productivity and that is exactly what I got during my tenure here so far. Despite the distance between my co-workers, I feel that I’m part of an engine that drives big players in the e-commerce market to better results, and the feeling of accomplishment here is amazing.

Martina, Product Designer

What I most love about ROI Hunter is the people. Everybody is super nice and always willing to help you. People are passionate about their jobs, and the company does everything they can to support employees' career goals.

Adam, Head of Product Management

What I love about working at ROI Hunter is the opportunity to grow. I started in a client-facing role and then transitioned to the product team, where I had an opportunity to build a separate product and a team around it.

I’m surrounded by some of the smartest people in the industry working together to build the best, most innovative product possible for our customers.

Ivan, QA Engineer

What I like most about being in ROI Hunter is probably the friendly atmosphere. I like the flexibility to work the way I want to live: I enjoy freedom and exercising my responsibility, I know what my tasks are, and I know it is up to me to complete them on time. Sometimes it's relaxing, sometimes it's a bit hectic. But always fun.

Lucia, Product Manager

I started as a marketing student back in 2017, and throughout the years I have had an amazing journey. I have tried different roles from support to team lead to product manager while discovering my own potential. It's challenging work but comes with many rewards, as ROI Hunter gives all talents the opportunity to shine.

Josef, DWH Developer

I've been with ROI Hunter for quite some time now - since 2015. I started as a Java developer for the ROI Hunter platform, but eventually I realised that Facebook, marketing and ads are topics that don't really interest me.


The company is very open-minded, so I instead was offered to build a team for handling internal stuff, tools and more. Across a couple years this team naturally transformed into a data team. I love the company and more importantly the people in it, so it's great to be able to work here as a programmer without having anything to do with ads.


Karel Schindler

Founder & CEO

Meet the CEO, Karel

ROI Hunter was founded in 2014 after having just won the Facebook Accelerator Program. We had created features that Facebook didn’t have and felt opportunistic about our capabilities. We were growing quickly and saving a lot of manual effort for our customers, but I still felt like we were missing something.

It took four years to collect the insights that led us to create a new category - Product Performance Management (PPM), a concept that now presents us with real purpose and endless possibilities for creating a significant impact on e-commerce. Our clients have helped us discover the biggest challenges online retailer marketers face, as well as the reasons these challenges have not yet been resolved, and I’m grateful for that.

We are witnessing the most significant transformation of retail in human history, and many retailers are struggling to stay profitable. ROI Hunter is here, partnered with Meta and Google, to help e-commerce marketers find the best solutions to overcome their challenges.

Who our people are:

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Proactive and self-driven people who want to make a difference.

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People willing to share ideas and come up with new solutions or improvements.

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People that maintain a helpful and friendly environment and are open to giving and receiving feedback.

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People that like to see their impact at work and are willing learn from the other great minds they work with.

Where we’re located:

ROI Hunter has offices in Brno, Prague, London, São Paulo, and Dubai, with some employees working remotely from Europe, Brazil, and the US.

Top benefits at
ROI Hunter:

💸  Quarterly performance bonus

🏠  Remote/home office is supported

📚  Personal education budget

*additional benefits based on region


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