Introducing Product Insights

Integrate your measurement channels into a single source of truth, and analyze your performance on a product level. With Product Insights, you'll have the data you need to find the products to promote, the products to stop promoting, and the most popular channel for each item you carry.
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We help e-commerce advertisers make the most out of dynamic ads and their inventory. How?


Connect margin, return rate, and more directly to your product catalogue to calculate real profitability.


Gain an overview of product behavior across multiple data sources, all within one platform.


Get actionable insights on a product, category, or brand level.


Automate the product classification process to make impactful improvements to your campaigns.

Take full advantage of your product data


Help Facebook’s algorithm focus on the right products

Facebook’s algorithm generally chooses 50 - 200 products to promote to a larger audience. With the ability to identify ROI on a product level, you can easily exclude products that are receiving engagement and traction but no profit.


Immediately spot what's ready to scale

Sustainable growth is about identifying the successful and unsuccessful parts of your inventory, and about spotting opportunities. With accessible insights on a category, brand, and product level, you have the information you need to make fast, data-driven decisions.


Calculate your true profitability

ROI is only part of the equation. You also need to take factors like margin, return rate, and stock level into account to find the true profitability of a campaign. Connect your custom data source to ROI Hunter, and start gathering the insights to calculate the true profitability for each product.


Identify trends within your channels

Run tests and monitor the performance trends of your campaigns across multiple channels; find the best channel to promote each individual product.

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