Introducing the Template Editor

Automate the creation process and design engaging dynamic product ads in seconds, with our templates or your own.


Template Editor Features

TEDI_small_pull images from feed

Dynamic ads pull images directly from your feed, including any changes or updates

TEDI_small_apply conditions to your promos

Apply conditions to your promos:

(e.g. if brand = Nike and price = > 20 euro, then show SALE layer)

TEDI_small_add custom tags

Add up to five custom tags like product rating, a special keyword, or gender

TEDI_smalll_get creative

Get creative! Add shapes, icons, arrows, and more, in whatever color you’d like.

Template Editor Benefits

TEDI_big_increase roas ctr

Increase ROAS and CTR

We’ve achieved incredible results with our Template Editor. See how it worked for our clients, SourceItRight, and GastroHero

TEDI_reduce stress on your graphic designers

Reduce the stress on your graphic designers

Save the limited capacity your designers have with the ability to create beautiful dynamic ads on your own.

TEDI_big_save time marketing department

Save time for your marketing department

Give your team the chance to automate the tedious parts of promo creation so they can focus their time on analysis and optimization

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