Creative Factory

Creative Factory enables ecommerce marketers to deploy a huge number of well designed on-brand videos while using minimal internal resources.

Why should you care?


Of video ads watched on Facebook, this is more than on YouTube (41%)


of users who watched a video ad, visit advertiser's website


Recall a brand after watching a video


Of people who watched a video are more likely to buy a product afterwards.

We help e-commerce advertisers to make the most of the Video Ads. How?

Minimize the creative delay (the time needed to launch video ads) by speeding up video ad creation from several days to 10 seconds.
Decrease costs spent on videographers and motion design agencies by re-using templates and tweaking them yourself.
Increase scalability of video ads, testing variations by automatically using templates across all of your products.
Get rid of human error and mistakes caused by miscommunication, thanks to our direct connection from your Product Feed to your Video Ads.

How do we help you take advantage of video ads?


Create Stories that convert!

'Stories are taking over the world, and ROI Hunter's Creative Factory is ready! According to our research, only 1.9% of assets created by e-commerce advertisers are used in Stories. This happens despite Stories Ads having 2X cheaper CPMs compared to Newsfeed, since this fast growing source of inventory is largely unused. That‘s why we‘ve built features in Creative Factory that enables marketers to drive performance by combining Stories and Carousel formats!'


Precise ad creation with Video Maker

Using ROI Hunter's Video Maker decreases ad creation uncertainty. The best things about this?

  • Product feed is always the source of truth
  • Statistics are always up-to-date
  • No worries about typos
  • No wrong prices & discounts
  • No missing assets

Extensive product data knowledge

Average product catalog has 25k products. It is very hard to pick the right products to promote. And even Facebook Dynamic Ads only manage to effectively promote 5% of products on average. Connecting the right data about products together and making it readily available to your marketing team gives you an edge in selecting the products that resonate with consumers. You can have confidence in putting the right products in the spotlight of your video ad.

Client Design Team

We strive to give clients‘ design teams the same level of support as their performance marketers are getting from CSMs. Client design teams are welcome to get in touch with us to get:

  • The most out of our video template editor
  • Guidance in preparing underlying assets
  • Insights into best practices with video
  • Help designing and creating a working template

See Video Maker in action:

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