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Segment your catalogue based on your goals, build your creatives, and launch campaigns directly from ROI Hunter.

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Using the segments feature from ROI Hunter, we realized that excluding “Poor performers” segment from our promotion could help us to improve ROAS. After applying this strategy, we delivered a +47% MoM increase in GA (ROAS) with -30% ad spend on FB.

Corina Alexandra Vilcea

Head of Performance

Our campaigns became smarter and more efficient after applying these and some other optimizations recommended by ROIH's team, who were committed to helping us achieve our goals from the beginning. 

Yasmin Dourado

Media Specialist

ROI Hunter helped us promote the right products  by creating a solution that promotes well-performing products and decreases spending on products that haven’t met our performance goals. 

Juha Kujala

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

marketing manager mood

Understand product performance

Understand product performance

Understand product performance

Create campaigns around the metrics you care about. Filter your products by their ROAS, CTR, Ad Spend and more. Focus your budget on the products that will help you reach your KPIs, and launch your campaigns directly from the platform.

Analyse at a glance

Analyse at a glance

Analyse at a glance

Track your bestselling products, poor performers, deadstock, new arrivals, and more. Understand how your products are performing in real time.

Scale creatives

Scale creatives

Scale creatives

Create beautiful ads without a graphic designer, and scale the look across your Meta campaigns in seconds. Automate product badges, schedule campaign launch date, and much more.

Features You’ll Love

product insights

Product Insights

Review the performance of each individual product in your catalogue. Product performance data is collected from across your channels, analytics platforms, and custom sources, and combined with your catalogue to form a single source of truth.

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Product Segments

Product Segments

View and analyse groups of similar products (bestsellers, deadstock, poor-performers, new arrivals, fragmented stock, and more). Easily find which products are wasting your budget and which need more budget added, all in real time and on the same dashboard. Make instant changes to your campaigns based on what you see.

Automatic rules

Automatic Rules

Act in real time with automation rules for your Meta campaigns. Set a campaign to pause once it reaches a certain budget, set campaigns to only run on certain days, get notified whenever your campaign reaches a determined ROAS, and more.

Template Editor

Template Editor

Create Meta promotions without a graphic designer. Schedule promotions ahead of time, automate product badges, change your ads without a new review, and more.

Creative factory

Creative Factory

Turn static images into product videos in minutes. Creative Factory makes it possible to scale the creation of videos without having to hire a production team.

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