Aug 18 2021
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Ensure your pixel resilience beyond Meta Conversions API

Quick summary: Meta is losing signals due to an increase in opt-outs and ad blockers. In response, Meta has launched Conversions API (CAPI) a solution to include signals from users known to the advertiser. However, signals—particularly from Google tools—can still be missed, so we’re building solutions that capture product-level signals from multiple sources and pass them to Meta. We’ve seen massive improvement in key metrics like ROAS (return on ad spend) and volume of conversions when enhancing Meta with these signals.

What’s happening with user privacy?

The e-commerce market is shifting away from the idea of continuing to increase personalisation at the cost of user privacy. Users are annoyed by over-aggressive remarketing and ads that bring no added value to them. 

In fact, 72% of people feel that almost all of what they do online is being tracked by advertisers, technology firms, or other companies, and 81% say that the potential risks they face from data collection outweigh the benefits, according to a study by Pew Research Center. 

Platforms and policy makers are aware of this and are gradually introducing policies such as the iOS 14 prompt to opt-out of tracking in apps, the blocking of third-party cookies in Safari, and planned sunset of third-party cookies in Chrome.

At the same time, the popularity of ad-blockers and systems that prevent browsers from tracking website behaviour is constantly growing, with almost 10% of the internet population currently using them.

All these factors combined are causing one severe effect on marketers - data from pixels are becoming less reliable and platforms like Meta are losing valuable signals needed to ensure they deliver the ads most likely to be appreciated by users.

How your business can adapt, and even improve

Meta has launched Conversions API (CAPI), a solution enabling advertisers to pass signals from users known to the advertiser to Meta directly from their server without needing to make use of the user’s connection or browser. No cookies needed, and no more problems with ad-blockers.

CAPI is a must-have solution that can increase conversion rate by 5-15% (based on recent case studies published by Meta).

ROI Hunter can help you implement CAPI for your e-commerce company. What’s more, we can enhance Meta even further through signals that are aggregated from all users and all traffic sources (even those that are not known to the advertisers or that are not connected to the users). 

Our philosophy is to look at the signals from a complementary angle, combining user data with product-level performance data. Traditionally, advertisers send signals that are connected to users through the following:

  • Certain user identifiers (such as hashed emails or phone numbers)
  • Timestamp of the event 
  • Event details (e.g. product IDs that were purchased)

ROI Hunter looks at the following additional signals connected to individual products:

  • Certain product identifiers (SKU, EAN, etc.)
  • Business attributes of the product (margin, stock levels, return rate)
  • Marketing performance of the product (marketing channel, ad spend, CTR, conversion rate)
  • Trends connected with the product (new arrivals, decreasing popularity, deadstock)
  • Anomalies that can influence future performance (low stock, last variant of the size)
  • Cross-channel data (e.g. to spot that a certain product is trending in Google Shopping but the advertiser has low impression share due to an auction too expensive to get to the top positions) 

We’ve found that combining user data with product-level performance data can create a massive impact on key performance metrics and enable clients further growth with Meta. Moreover, it is a robust and resilient way to send additional signals to Meta as it does not require handling any user data. In addition, we use hashing algorithms to ensure that no sensitive company data such as margins are sent to Meta. 

Imagine how much stronger your Meta campaigns could be if you were also using the data from your Google campaigns, where you likely spend an even bigger budget. See our case studies to explore further.


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