Introducing Google Solutions

Google Solutions increases the efficiency of your cross-channel approach by expanding your capabilities within the Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, and for Performance Max. These new capabilities include lightning-fast video creation, GDN audience optimization, and product-level insights to empower Performance Max Campaigns.
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Why should you care?

Increase in conversions can be an immediate impact of Performance Max
Of people who watched a video are more likely to buy a product afterwards
Seconds - is all the time you’ll need to generate a unique video ad
Is the usual increase in website traffic after using GDN audience optimization

How we can help you


Design performance-focused Performance Max ads

You can fully leverage your business data such as estimated margins, cost of products, return rates, stock volume etc and optimize your Performance Max Ads towards real profit.


Analyse product-level data from every channel, all in one place

Capture trends, compare the behaviour of products on different channels, and understand both their role within the funnel, and their final impact on your business.


Create product-oriented YouTube videos at scale

With our easily customizable templates, you will be able to generate unlimited videos of products selected for performance and potential.


Optimize your GDN audience

Set your threshold for traffic quality based on bounce rate, and let us optimize the placements and audience for you to ensure the top of your funnel is healthy.

Impact on your marketing activities


Find the right channel for every product

Product-level performance data (margins, return rates, stock levels, etc.) from sources like Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, Shopping Insights or Custom Data Source give you a detailed understanding of product behaviour across different channels and attribution models, including the real impact on your business.


Create captivating video ads at scale

Get rid of video production limitations with Creative Factory, which enables simple production of product videos for Facebook and YouTube ads at scale. Test it on products based on their performance, and leverage these major traffic sources for your performance campaigns.


Make data-driven product sets

Use product-level, category-level, and brand-level data to identify new opportunities for growth, and group your products based on their performance or margin impact to further increase the efficiency of your Performance Max or YouTube campaigns.

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