Improve profitability, grow your business sustainably, and foster collaboration between departments with ROI Hunter.
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Sustainable economy

Use product-level data insights to track the performance of every item, reduce deadstock and returns, and optimize your campaigns for profitability
features_sus_product insights

Product insights

Identify top-performing products, over-promoted products, products with high return rates, products with great scaling potential, and more, with all your product data from every channel integrated in one location

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features_sus_google smart shopping

Google Smart Shopping creation and management

Create, manage and collaborate with your team on Google Smart Shopping campaigns all from one place

features_sus_facebook ads

Facebook Ads creation and management

Create, manage and collaborate with your team on Facebook Ad campaigns all from one place

features_sus_product inventory management

Product-level inventory management

Easily access product-level  inventory information, connected directly to your internal systems and warehouse

features_sus_apps measurement

App measurement

Track all customers and visitors inside of your mobile app with ease

features_sus_google and facebook analytics

Google and Facebook Analytics

Combine the two data streams to create a more dependable source of truth

features_sus_automated tracking

Automated tracking

Save hours (or even days), with automated campaign tracking. No more need for manual tagging

features_sus_budget watcher

Budget watcher

Build a fail-safe budget watcher, which prevents you from spending more than you want

features_sus_image template editor

Image template editor

Create beautiful, dynamic product ads all in one place with our Template Editor. No more exporting/importing multiple files from a variety of programs

Jocasta Bortolacci
Jocasta Bortolacci, Media Coordinator @ Magalu

"We always wanted to make our commercial priorities actionable over social to increase our business profitability. ROI Hunter has made it possible. What was once our deficiency is now our strength."


Grow your audience sustainably with a personalized approach. ROI Hunter's automation possibilities and promotion templates are designed to help you scale, while the data from product insights helps ensure your scaling is sustainable
features_gro_offline conversions

Offline conversions

Take your tracking to the next level and see what impact your online ads have on your offline sales

features_gro_automatic rules

Automatic rules

Save the time you’d spend adjusting budgets and bids by using our automatic rules: automatically track all active ads, end low-performers and boost high-performers, and reactivate paused ad sets at just the right time

features_gro_refine audience

Refine Facebook Audience

Locate your best performing audience and run special campaigns with exclusive offer

features_gro_google display network

GDN Placement Optimization

Take control of your GDN placements and focus on the best performing one

features_gro_crm data integration

CRM Data Integration

Integrate your CRM with ROI Hunter and deploy unique, custom audiences that update in real-time

features_gro_offline conversions copy

Custom product data synchronization

Import and synchronize any important data (margins, stock info, priority products) you need to run the most effective campaigns

features_gro_video template editor

Video template editor

Create gorgeous videos in seconds using just the static images from your product feed

features_gro_split testing

Split testing

Easily test anything you want, and find the best combination of targeting, creatives, and bids

Byron Koller
Byron Koller, CMO @ AYM Commerce

"Partnering with ROI Hunter to split test has helped us to gain insights with audience targeting and optimize our campaigns more effectively. We utilized the results and insights gained from split testing to improve our future campaigns as well. Their advanced tools made it gave us the flexibility and control that we felt was necessary for stellar campaigns."


Eliminate the walls between marketing and purchasing, and end the delays between analysis and action. Connect every department directly to inventory performance data, and take immediate, data-driven action to optimize your campaigns.
features_col_exportable data

Exportable data

Export data from ROI Hunter for your own systems, or for your colleagues to use in whatever format is needed

features_col_dedicated specialists

Dedicated specialists

Work directly with our Customer Success Managers, who have helped plan campaign strategy for thousands of e-commerce companies, to find the strategy that works best for your brand

features_col_virtual ad accounts

Virtual Ad accounts

Divide your activities into Virtual Ad accounts and track your performance more easily with a quick and simple overview of multiple campaigns

Radek Gorka-1
Radosław Górka, Head of Performance Marketing @ Allegro

No other Allegro advertising partner has been able to separate categories as easily and in large scale, as ROI Hunter.

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