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How Al Futtaim’s “KIABI” increased their conversion rate by 94%

KIABI is one of the many brands under Al Futtaim, an international conglomerate based in Dubai, working with over 200 companies. Originally founded in France in 1978, KIABI offers affordable fashion for the whole family: babies, kids, women, and men. With trendy and frequently renewed collections, the brand fulfills its promise: “Happiness looks good on you!” Now an international fashion brand, KIABI is present in more than 15 countries all around the world.



KIABI was having trouble making the most out of their Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Google Smart Shopping automates bidding and ad placement, making it easier to manage and optimize campaigns across multiple channels.


While Smart Shopping can be very effective, it comes at the expense of losing transparency and granular insight into these campaigns. To that point, KIABI was feeling limited in the sort of optimizations they could make: their campaigns were promoting the full Google Merchant Center (GMC) catalogue of thousands of products. The more products to promote, the less visibility each one will get. 

Google’s algorithm may not prioritize the product you want it to; the algorithm’s optimization goals may not match yours. KIABI was seeing irrelevant products getting promoted while the products with competitive advantages (price, attractivity, delivery, stock, etc.) were ignored. KIABI needed more control over their promotions at the product level.


KIABI Products PNG

KIABI’s product catalogue was integrated with ROI Hunter, along with their Facebook and Google Analytics information. Combining this data within ROI Hunter’s platform created a single source of truth and enabled ROI Hunter’s Product Insights feature, enriching KIABI’s catalogue with product-level insights for every item.

Having enhanced their data with Product Insights, ROI Hunter’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) next helped KIABI improve their Smart Shopping campaigns. With the added data, KIABI could now filter their catalogue for specific goals, and analyze performance and profitability at the product level across multiple channels. KIABI found their most profitable products, created product groups to test, and automated the campaigns through Google Smart Shopping. 

KIABI performed multiple data-driven tests to find the most effective product group. Of those tests, the top product group vs a generic Smart Shopping campaign was the group made up of the 30% of products with the most transactions recorded by Google Analytics in the past 30 days.

The only products shown in this Smart Shopping campaign were products pulled from that list; e.g. top selling products.


The newly optimized Smart Shopping campaign showed significant improvements over the standard. Most substantially, there was a 94% uptick in conversion rate (CR). We also observed a 25% decrease in cost per order (CPO), and an increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) of 40%.


Tabish - Picture
Tabish Naik - Head of Digital Marketing, Al Futtaim Group

"Smart Shopping has been an integral part of our Digital Marketing Strategy and utilizes a big chunk of our paid budgets. While Smart Shopping campaigns can be very effective, they also have some limitations and when you have an in-house team architecture one of the most damaging drawbacks of Smart Shopping ads is the utter lack of control advertisers have over their campaigns.

One of our key optimization levers in Smart Shopping is splitting products into different campaigns to set different ROAS targets, this is where ROI Hunter’s Smart Shopping Feature comes to play by allowing us to make data-driven decisions and choose the best Product Groups to promote for our business’s profitability.”

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