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EQVVS’s Google Smart Shopping ROAS jumped by 20%

EQVVS is a premium UK-based fashion retailer, offering highly sought after clothing brands both in-store and online. Established over 25 years ago, the luxury fashion company boasts an impressive portfolio that includes brands such as C.P Company, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Belstaff, Armani, and many more.

Higher ROAS
Lower CPM
Lower CPC

The Challenge

EQVVS was hoping to improve their ROAS (return on ad spend) performance for their GSS (Google Smart Shopping) campaigns by using product-level data to create separate product sets.

However, EQVVS was lacking the insight into the product-level data needed to dynamically filter their feed into separate product sets. Additionally, Google Smart Shopping campaigns do not permit retailers to create different product sets, so they needed ROI Hunter’s help to create them.

The Solution

For the new campaign, ROI Hunter set EQVVS up with Product Insights, a tool which gathers product-level data from across multiple channels (Google Shopping, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Center, Facebook, etc.) and merges it, along with their catalog, into the ROI Hunter PPM (Product Performance Management) platform. 

With product performance data from Google Analytics, EQVVS was able to filter their catalog to find items in their top 25% of revenue in the previous 30 days, which they added to a new bestsellers product set.

Once the bestsellers product set was in place, ROI Hunter removed these items from all of EQVVS’s other campaigns to avoid competing against themselves.

By running a GSS campaign on just the bestsellers, EQVVS was able to ensure Google’s algorithm only promoted top revenue generating items, rather than picking from across the full catalog.

The Results

With the help of ROI Hunter, EQVVS’s new Google Smart Shopping campaign produced some astounding results. Their bestsellers product set led to a 20% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend) in just two months. EQVVS also achieved a 32% decrease in CPC (cost per conversion) and a 16% drop in CPM (cost per mille) compared to their previous campaigns!

Harry Curtis, Performance Specialist - EQVVS

ROI Hunter's experience and product insights tool has allowed us to take our Google shopping campaigns to the next level, providing substantial short and long-term growth. The cross-marketing data provides an in-depth outlook on what products to serve, which has proved invaluable to increasing the cost revenue ratio of our campaigns.

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