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Check out how Puket’s revenue and AOV soared in Google Ads

Puket is a socks, pajamas, and accessories store focused on bright, funny, and cute designs. The Brazil-based store was founded in 1988 and is a part of the Uni.co Group, which includes impressive brands such as Imaginarium, Mind and LoveBrands.

Average Order Value

The challenge

Puket had already experienced success working with ROI Hunter on their Facebook campaigns and wanted to extend their success to GSS (Google Smart Shopping) campaigns as well. Specifically, Puket wanted to increase their revenue and AOV (average order value) by using product-level data to create separate product sets.

The solution

To improve their revenue and AOV, Puket used ROI Hunter’s Product Insights feature, a tool to collect product-level data from across multiple channels (Google Shopping, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.) and integrated it, along with their inventory, into the ROI Hunter  Product Performance Management (PPM) platform

Armed with product performance data from Google Analytics, Puket was able to analyse and efficiently filter their inventory to find items in their top 10% of revenue, which they added to a new bestsellers product set. 

By running a GSS campaign on just the bestsellers, Puket was able to ensure Google’s algorithm only promoted top revenue generating items, rather than picking from their entire inventory.

ROI Hunter also helped Puket exclude the bestsellers from other campaigns to avoid competing with themselves.

The result

To achieve the goal of increasing their GSS revenue and transactions, Puket created a successful product set specifically made up of their high revenue/high transaction items, which in turn led to some pretty amazing results. 

The new and improved GSS bestseller campaign enabled Puket to gain 66% more transactions and increased their revenue by 85% in comparison to their previous GSS campaigns. Puket’s AOV also soared by 33% for this campaign!

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Danielle Sayuri, Media Specialist - Puket

ROI Hunter is a solution that adds a lot of efficiency to our FB campaigns and now being able to explore all the insights not only in FB but also in Google Shopping is really relevant.

The product group optimization based on product performance optimized our operation and provided for our client more relevant information, bringing us greater revenue and raising our TKM.

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