Do you have some questions about ROI Hunter and how we work? Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions here:
The Company
What is ROI Hunter?
ROI Hunter is a Facebook advertising management platform that helps you to create, automate and optimize your online campaigns. 
Is ROI Hunter a digital agency?
No, ROI Hunter is not a digital agency but we have a sister company, Business Factory, that can offer digital agency services.
What is ROI Hunter Accelerate?
ROI Hunter Accelerate the “light” package of ROI Hunter, you get full access to the platform but less access to our Client Success Managers.
What is ROI Hunter Easy?
ROI Hunter Easy is a part of ROI Hunter but provides a different set of services. It is namely a free tool for Google Adwords on Shopify, whereas we work more with Facebook for Business.
What is a Facebook Marketing Partner?

A Facebook Marketing Partner or FMP is a part of a global community of companies that are able to provide an array of services on Facebook’s platform. Not all Facebook Marketing Partners are created the same. They work to serve different needs of different marketers. ROI Hunter specifically helps clients to scale their Facebook advertising and improve their strategy to reach real business goals.

We do not help with unblocking your account or creating and moderating Facebook pages. You will have to contact Facebook directly for that. For that, visit the resources or help page on Facebook.

The Platform
Can you help me to unblock my Facebook page?
We do not help with unblocking your account or creating and moderating Facebook pages. For that, visit the resources or help page on Facebook.
Does ROI Hunter have solutions for Google AdWords campaigns management?
At the moment, we do not have specific solutions for Google Adwords campaign management. However, Business Factory, our sister agency will be able to provide support with this. ROI Hunter Easy currently does dynamic remarketing with Google Adwords.
Can I create campaigns for branding awareness objectives on ROI Hunter?
What are Virtual Accounts?
Virtual accounts add another level of structure to your campaigns so that campaigns for different regions, target audiences, or funnels are not mixed together. You will be able to see clearly how your ads are performing.
What features does ROI Hunter have that Facebook or other FMPs don‘t have?
ROI Hunter is used specifically for clients that want to scale their Facebook advertising as they increase their ROI. This means that all of our features are made to specifically save you time and improve the process by which you create ads. There are a plethora of things that we have that other FMPs do not have and vice versa. This is because not all FMPs help the same type of clients for the same needs. 
Working with us
Who are Client Success Managers (previously Client Partners)?

Think of Client Success Managers as your consultants on all things Facebook advertising related. Depending on the type of package you want (self-service, co-manage, or fully managed), they can help you with: 

  1. Designing your strategy
  2. Identifying weaknesses in campaigns
  3. Provide feedback
Am I charged for ad spend from ROI Hunter or whole ad account spend (what is considered as billable spend)?
You are only charged for the ad spend with ROI Hunter and not the whole ad account.

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