Complete Guide to Dynamic Creative

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Dynamic creative is an automatic matching tool that allows you to match different variations of an ad‘s creatives with the right audience, thus maximizing your ROI!
Import Creative Assets
Use combinations of creative assets that will be effective on your target audience. A mixture of images, text, headlines and link description.
Select broad audience
Choose a large audience that you want to target. Don‘t limit your reach. Let Facebook dynamic creative work for you.
Automatic Testing
Facebook will show the best working combination of creative sets to users within the broad audience you are targeting.


Dynamic Creative is not a testing tool. Treating it as such would limit your reach and performance!

Dynamic Creative in Practice

Save time on A/B testing manually
Uses automatic matching instead of manual testing
Build on Facebook‘s reach to millions of users
Match the right audience with the right creatives
Group the right combination of assets
Facebook delivers on signals like reach, engagement...
We‘ve seen following results so far:


Higher ROI


Decrease in CPC


Increase in CTR

Last but not least:

Dynamic Creative is the next big thing on Facebook. Be an early adopter and get better performance marketing results!