Aug 10 2018
5 minute read

Make Your Slideshow Ads Shine - Add Multiple Images to Your Product Feed [EXAMPLES]

TL;DR Slideshow ads are great because they allow you to bring life to your ads by adding moving images that capture your audience’s attention. We launched Slideshow DPAs earlier this year to give marketers even more room to show off their products with astonishing results. In this article, I explain how we have improved upon our previous launch with an update that allows you to add multiple images directly from your website to increase ROI by 1.62X.

Save time. Reach Your Goals.

Slideshow dynamic product ads allow you to show multiple slideshows in one ad, like a carousel. However, the rewards of setting them up can sometimes become dwarfed by the pile of other tasks and goals you need to reach. We’ve made it simpler for you. With Additional Images Crawling, you don’t ever have to worry about rebuilding your product feed. Additional Image Crawler crawls the entire product category on your site and sends it directly to your product feed. It permits you to add the best images your site has to offer to your ads thereby hooking your audience and keeping them engaged.


You might be thinking, how did they get such beautiful images from standard product images on a site. Afterall, Facebook’s native tools don’t allow you to edit the looks of the slideshow at all. Our Dynamic Slideshow Editor will enable you to apply templates that are designed to highlight the very best parts of your ads. 


Should you take our word for it? (Results)

Of course not! We ran some A / B tests where we tested different creatives on the same target group. Below you can see the performance of DPA Slideshow, in comparison to static ads:

results slideshowDPA

Conclusions on Multiple Image Product Feeds

Although it is not a rule, in most cases Slideshow DPAs will improve your remarketing performance, as it has done in the case of our clients.

Moreover, we know from an excellent (Facebook) source that video is one of the main trends on Facebook right now. According to Facebook's research, 79% of users claim that they would rather watch a video to learn about a product than reading text on a page! Knowing that, you can see how Slideshow could not only be your first step into advanced video solutions on Facebook, but also an excellent introduction for your customers to Video DPAs, which we are going to roll out very soon.

Want more? Add Automatic Video Collection Ads for prospecting and new users acquisition, and boom! - in no time you just created a beautiful video funnel, ready to charm your audiences. We also have a new Video Editor that lets you edit your videos for even better results. 

Are you curious about what else we can do for your business? Get in touch with us! If you’re still not convinced, check out our case study on how we helped another client to reach a 75% increase in CTR.
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