Jan 10 2018
7 minute read

Video Collection: The Next Evolution of Collection Ads

TL;DR Video Collection is a new advertising tool that we developed, here at ROI Hunter. In this article, I go over what it is, how it works, and how you can get started with using it.

Back in October, we announced the next Big Thing - “Dynamic Video” as a way to revolutionize online advertising. We saw a 2X increase in CTR and 3X better ROI. With these results, we wanted to expand on dynamic video further. If video content is a must-have for every marketer, then we believe it should be accessible to every marketer, making their lives easier.

We have been busy since then. We wanted to explore how to use dynamic video in everyday ad formats. The question we asked ourselves was, which ad format would be the most beneficial for marketers? After some quick analysis, we found that Facebook collection was the ad format on which to expand dynamic video.

What is Video Collection?

With collection, users can show multiple products to their target audience in one ad serving. Imagine if you were able to make videos for the static headline product in collection ads every time. You would grab users’ attention with ease and increase the odds of them clicking through to your website and purchasing.

How Does it Work?

  1. First, you will need to have a product catalog in your Business Manager.
  2. Then, in our app, choose the collection ad format.
  3. After that, simply choose the video template that best fits your needs.
  4. Select the feature products from your catalog.
  5. After adjusting the video to your specifications, play a preview.
  6. Once satisfied, launch the ad.

Smart Programming. Effortless Creation.

We wanted to create video templates for your collection that are intuitive, thus giving you increased freedom in creation.

a. Our video templates are smart enough to adapt to the image size of individual products to fit the video. This makes it so that every image fits perfectly into the template. What this means for you is that you don’t have to fret over which specific products to choose based solely on their image specifications or worry about having to re-photograph all of your products.

Automatic alignment - video collection.gif

b. Our video templates are flexible enough, so if you like it, but you don’t want to fill in all the values shown (like name or sale price), you can just leave them out and the template will adjust so that there is no empty space. Play with the different templates to discover the many options at your disposal!

Adjust for missing data points

How To Get Started

Video collection is a tool that our development team worked on to help make the lives of our clients easier and to give them a competitive edge over other advertisers. So, if you are a client of ROI Hunter, then video collection is ready for you now. Join other users by contacting your client partner or sign in to start.

If you are not a client of ROI Hunter yet, but do not want to be left behind as the video revolution marches on, then fill in the form here. You will be contacted by our representatives to discuss if this and other tools are right for you.

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