Jul 18 2018
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Easily scale video ads production for e-commerce!

Mobile video is booming, but its growth has been limited mostly to branded content. We strive to bring that change to direct response campaigns with easy to make product videos. We are happy to announce a brand new Video Editor!
Chances are that your job is to run ads for an e-commerce store. You may have perhaps thousands of products in stock. You have your best-sellers, new collections and of course sales. You’ll never know if a product is a hit until you run ads for it. How do you manage to promote everything equally with the ever-rising standards for creatives?

What’s holding you back is what I call “Creative Delay.” You have to pick a limited amount of products to promote, then you brief your most-likely pretty busy designer. You can only run your ads after you get the files with revisions back. Evaluate the performance and repeat. The most common way to eliminate the creative delay is to run fewer ads. But that is hurting your performance and your chances to discover champions within your catalog are thin.

creative delay_v2

Half a year ago, we launched a prototype video maker focused on making Collection ads. Our data clearly showed that it enabled our customers to run more ads within a campaign. Each ad was showing a different combination of products, and specific ads usually proved superior, bringing back great revenue pretty effortlessly.

Now we are launching a severely improved version of our video builder. Our primary goal was defeating the creative delay in the workflow of a performance-driven marketeer.
  • Plug in your product feed.
    Any product you sell is right at your fingertips. All the product images your team has painstakingly taken, together with other metadata are there for you to use in an instant.

  • Live preview.
    You see the changes you make to the video immediately. Play around with the images you have at hand, change colors and texts to create the best possible version.

  • Instagram Stories? No problem.
    We support templates that fit every possible placement so you can cover all types of audiences.

  • Fast iterations.
    Testing multiple versions of your ads is the everlasting mantra of all great digital marketers. Once you have one version done, it only takes a minute to create five more. Switch up the products or the background imagery to try a different vibe.


Advantages of Product Videos
  • Making product videos from your still images is the way to go. Making standalone videos is unrealistic if you have more than a couple dozen products. And videos beat images again and again in live performance tests.
  • Our product videos are short - usually under 10 seconds - which is the current trend and definitely among proven best practices. The videos are made with vertical viewing on smartphones in mind. In fact, video ads can take up to twice as much space in the mobile feed compared to image ads.

  • Videos let you show off your brand identity without obscuring the product itself. With images, maintaining the balance between your branding and the offer was hard. In a video, you can build up your proposition sequentially any way you like.

  • And finally, videos let you show way more. Include images of features and details or show the product in action. All in all, videos are just so much more engaging.
A path towards Dynamic Video Ads
It is no secret that Facebook is working on bringing videos to Dynamic Ads as well. Video is everywhere, users are engaging with video more and more, so it makes complete sense to extend the support further.

We are happy to announce that our video solution is fully compatible with Dynamic Ads. This means that you can render videos en-masse for your catalog and switch your dynamic retargeting ads to video content.

Scaling video ads production for e-commerce is easy.
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