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Gina Tricot’s peak season resulted in 83% higher ROAS! See how.

Gina Tricot is a Swedish clothing company, offering trending fashion to women in over 30 countries. Customers will find outfits and accessories for every occasion, every day of the week. Gina Tricot has an immense passion for fashion, intending to offer customers a new and inspiring omnichannel based shopping experience, both online and in store.

Gina Tricot is always aiming to find new forward-thinking ways how they can evolve as a fashion company; looking for great sustainable solutions, creative work ideas and unique collaboration opportunities as an international fashion supplier.

Google Analytics Transactions
Google Analytics Conversion Rate
Google Analytics ROAS

The challenge

For Gina Tricot, the online experience has been a pivotal part of spreading their message across borders and communicating Gina Tricot’s values and brand. At the same time, getting their offers and messaging out there while ensuring improvements to their return from Facebook advertising was a large focus. 

Identifying which products fit into their strategies, utilising their data, and being effective and efficient with budgets stood out as important goals for them. Gina Tricot wanted to find a tool that helped to achieve these goals in an automated, time-saving, and data-driven way.

The solution

Gina Tricot partnered with ROI Hunter in July 2021 to enhance their dynamic ads and lean into the Product Performance Management (PPM) way of approaching their Direct Response (DR) activity on Facebook.

With peak season, Black Friday week, and Cyber Monday approaching, Gina Tricot used multiple ROI Hunter features to automate timed creative messaging and offers in advance, while dynamically updating products by reacting to live data from Google Analytics and Google Shopping.


First, ROI Hunter showed Gina Tricot how to automate their creatives with the Template Editor (TEDI). By using TEDI, they were able to create their Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) templates for Facebook and Instagram, branded with their Gina Tricot logo and colours. Next, they added product specific messaging (sales, audience, themed offering, etc.) to trigger customised overlays based on set conditions.

Templates with TEDI


During Black Friday Week, daily offers were highlighted automatically in their creatives, but also across the ad copy using ROI Hunter’s dynamic ad copy solution! This solution enabled time-saving updates without adverts going back into Facebook’s approval or learning phase. 

With the dynamic ad copy solution, the Gina Tricot team was able to schedule promotions ahead of time, ensuring the promos had already completed Facebook's learning phase before Black Friday Week even began!

Black Friday Week ad example

Dynamic Products Setup 

To create the most effective dynamic ads, Gina Tricot used ROI Hunter’s Product Insights tool to connect cross-channel data points and to use this data to create dynamic product sets, which means the product sets update automatically every day. 

The Product Insights feature gathers product-level information from across channels (Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, etc.) and combines them within the ROI Hunter platform, forming a single source of truth. Not only does this make it easier to gain an understanding of overall performance, but the addition of product-level data makes it simple to filter the product catalogue for highly specific metrics. 

Using this newly integrated datapool, Gina Tricot created a number of strategic product sets such as:
- Bestsellers
- Hidden Gems (products that underperform on Facebook, but perform well on other channels)
- High Click-through Rate (CTR)

By creating separate product sets for each specific goal (increase revenue, scale spend, etc.), Gina Tricot gained far better control over which products were being promoted with their dynamic ads and ensured that they also met certain strategic goals. 

The result

Across the peak shopping period, where the typical advertiser’s reaction would often be that of mayhem, Gina Tricot had a calm peak thanks to their advanced preparation with ad copy scheduling, creative overlay rotation, daily offers, and automatic product promotion based on filters. For Gina Tricot, this preparation saved time, caused less stress, and was far easier to scale.

The collaboration with ROI Hunter also provided Gina Tricot with amazing results compared to those in the previous year, including a 54% increase in Google Analytics transactions, a 28% boost in Google Analytics conversion rate, and a 83% jump in their Google Analytics Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)!

Christina Meister, Team Lead - Paid Social

"From onboarding to ongoing support, our experience with ROIH has been extremely positive. Our primary goal was to find a platform where we can easily adapt the creatives of our dynamic ad templates. With the ROIH tool we can now even schedule template changes ahead of promotion periods without sending our ads back into the learning phase.

All in all, we have improved our performance but also saved a lot of time since the platform allows us to be so much more efficient."

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