Nov 6, 2020 3:58:32 PM
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Skip the Learning Phase of Holiday Campaigns

What's the Issue?

As it stands, online retailers must prep and launch dynamic holiday promotions as the holiday begins. This creates a stressful pre-holiday campaign period where man-hours must be spent just before the holiday to make the promotion happen. 

Beyond that, because the campaign is launching on the actual day(s) of the holiday, it will need to spend the first few hours/transactions going through Facebook’s learning phase before it’s optimised. When the retail holiday is something like Black Friday, those first few hours are crucial. 

What has been missing is a way to schedule the promotions and put them through the learning phase ahead of time.

Industry Best Practice

Retailers can plan their creatives and copy ahead of time, but they will still need to manually set up and launch their holiday campaigns when the holiday approaches, and they will still need to wait for the campaign to complete its learning phase before it can optimise toward the desired outcome.

What's the Fix?

ROI Hunter created a way to schedule ads ahead of time. And even a way to change the look of the promotions without needing to submit to a 24+ hour Facebook review. 

Now, the latest piece of the puzzle gives our clients the ability to  change even the copy on the ads. With these capabilities combined, we now have a way for retailers to schedule promotions weeks in advance, and put their existing campaigns through the learning phase before they launch. Here’s how it works:

  1. Prepare and schedule templates ahead of time, choosing the precise moment they will be applied to the ad. Here’s the really cool part: you can put your holiday campaign algorithms through Facebook’s learning phase ahead of time:
    • Create and launch a business-as-usual dynamic campaign a few weeks before the holiday
    • Schedule holiday templates to replace the business-as-usual templates when the holiday begins
    • Now, rather than a stressful night of creating holiday promotions (which have had zero time to learn) your promotions will automatically change to the holiday version, while preserving the trained algorithm and optimisations of your original campaign.
    • Once the holiday is over? Switch it back! You don’t need to throw out a perfectly good campaign, you just need to switch out the templates, and you have a trained, optimised, standard campaign running immediately.
    • Next holiday is coming up? Great! You can use the same campaign yet again; just create some new thematic templates to apply.

We believe this is the next step in the evolution of lightning fast ad changes, giving marketers more control over their inventory promotion than ever before.

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