May 20, 2020 4:21:01 PM
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Ad Scheduling is Here!

In our age of automation, campaign planning and scheduling have become increasingly crucial for e-commerce retailers. Companies need to sync data with their retail departments, plan campaigns with insight from category managers, and prepare as much as they can in advance of the campaign itself.

And yet, we’re still scheduling the timing of our ad rotations by hand.

What's the Issue?

We received a lot of client feedback around this issue, particularly in regard to dynamic ads. In response, we built a solution for scheduling the ad rotation, allowing for more efficient campaign planning at scale.

As anyone with experience setting up ads on facebook will tell you, manually managing the scheduling can be a headache. For a few ads, it’s not a huge deal, but when you have seasonal campaigns, special events, or even something like Black Friday weekend, it turns from a headache into a full-on migraine. 

Our clients wanted a better way to prepare these ad schedules, and after years of working alongside them during hectic and stressful campaigns, we found a way to improve the workflow and make scheduling more manageable.

What's the Fix?

Introducing scheduled ads. We integrated the scheduling into the ad creation process, making it possible for our clients to plan the deployment and cessation of their ads while they were putting them together.

ad scheduling_preview

They can also review the schedule to ensure those ads are running at ideal times throughout the limited campaign.

By adding the schedule of each ad into the creation process, our clients don’t risk forgetting to turn an ad on or off. They can schedule their big campaigns (Black Friday, Christmas, summer sales) ahead of time, and focus their efforts on optimizing performance, rather than on remembering when to update an ad.

Scheduling ads in advance means the ads run when you want them to, not when Facebook mandates it happen (right after the review). During those busy times of the year when many ads need to be launched at once, it’s far more effective to create the ads in advance so they can be approved ahead of time, and simply schedule them for when you need them.

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