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How SourceItRight Increased Return on Ad Spend by 700%

SourceItRight is one of India’s leading online fabric retailers. Their fabrics can be cut to any custom size, and purchases are available for both wholesale and retail.

Increase in ROAS


SourceItRight’s dynamic retargeting campaigns weren’t performing; the audience just wasn’t responding as well as it seemed like they could be.

With the Indian festival of Diwali on the horizon, SourceItRight made it a goal to improve the performance of these retargeting campaigns in time for the peak holiday season.

sourceitright_challengeSourceItRight Landing Page


Rather than continuing to use the same template for their whole campaign. SourceItRight started working with ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI) to create dynamic, Diwali-themed templates. Those templates were then deployed for remarketing campaigns during their “Fabric Diwali Sale.”

sourceitright_solution_v2SourceItRight started working with TEDI


Compared to the previous Diwali season, the results from the custom templates were significant.

Not only did SourceItRight’s return on ad spend (ROAS) increased by 700%, they saw an increase of 130% in their click-through rate (CTR), a 21% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA), and a 21% decrease in cost per click (CPC).

sourceitright_resultMedia Title Further media description

Mr. Dhruvit Shah, Founder, SourceItRight

"We had an excellent partnership with ROI Hunter. As a performance-driven brand, we continuously need to improve our core metrics. Using TEDI to create tempting templates during our Diwali sale helped us get an amazing response from the campaigns. The huge increase in CTR & ROAS was the decisive factor in our decision to scaleup."

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