Jan 02 2019
4 minute read

ROI Hunter's Frontend Team is Hiring!

Do you feel like you are a master in React, Redux, Typescript, Jest & Webpack? Then you are the lucky one - Frontend team is hiring!

The Frontend team creates a high quality user interface and data presentation for advertisers & marketers. Our aim is to deliver as much data as we can while maintaining data readability and overall platform performance.

We acquire data from our own REST services and store them in a single Redux store. We are focused on data flows modelling and reducing of data complexity with custom UI components.

The challenge

Our platform is a complex system with multiple modules in it. Each module represents several points of interest modelled with hundreds of React components. The real challenge comes with various marketer needs.

Every user can have different preferences, marketing needs and also a various level of the marketing domain knowledge. The goal is to design and implement a consistent UI for majority of them with good signs of UX.

One of the biggest issues we face is the rendering performance. Presentation of a complex data structures implies a usage of a complex UI components. This is something we try to eliminate with well designed data flows and efficient data storage with advanced caching mechanisms. Even though you do the best to render the page with hundreds of optimized components, sometimes you have to find a compromise sufficient enough for users and their hardware limits.

It is not only about the marketing platform itself! To ensure a strong system modularity we have decided to separate a development of particular tools. You can imagine such tool to be an Image Editor offering image enhancements, beautification effects with cool image templates and much more. The same comes with our new fresh project called Video Editor. Video Editor offers magic video creation based on HTML5 canvas rendering, animations and also a templating options to create beautiful videos without being a master in graphics.

We could go deeper to uncover more interesting topics, but you better face them with us! Do not hesitate to get in touch and choose the module or a tool to develop!

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