Oct 23 2020
4 minute read

Feature Update: Introducing Product Sets Insights

Get ready for a whole new layer of insight. Over the past several months, the ROI Hunter product team has worked hard to create new ways for our clients to understand their inventory. 

ROI Hunter clients are able to create product sets at the click of a button, but we’ve received a lot of recent feedback about the difficulty in managing those product sets, and getting actionable information on where they are being used.

We’re now pleased to present our newest feature, (close on the heels of our last feature, the Overview Dashboard), Product Sets Insights.

Introducing: Product Sets Insights


What Is Product Sets Insights?

Product Sets Insights gives users the ability to create, track, manage and monitor the performance of their product sets within a catalog, all in one spot. This means that users won’t have to manually comb through campaigns to find this information.

What Pain Points Does Product Sets Insights Solve?

With this feature, we set out to solve three major problems that our users have faced:
  1. Users lack visibility on the status of a product set
    With Product Sets Insights, users are now able to click the catalog name to see a complete list of all product sets created using that catalog, which of those product sets are active, and the number of ads each is being used for. No more need to manually search.

  2. Lack of insight into a product segment’s overall ROI
    Our users actively create hundreds of thousands of product sets across their catalogs, segmenting their products into groups (Bestsellers, New Arrivals, Sale, etc.) to optimise toward different goals. Before Product Sets Insights, our users needed to manually review their campaigns in order to review their performance. With this new feature, the structure is flattened, enabling users to understand their spend vs yield directly at the product set level. This will help them to determine if and how they should change their strategy.

  3. Disruptions to the campaign creation workflow
    In order to add more flexibility to how our clients create their campaigns, we’ve made it possible to create and save product sets before they are assigned to a campaign. This will make it simpler for users to discuss strategy with the team before launching the actual campaign. Additionally, users can now pick an existing product set, modify the filters, and save it as a new product group for a cleaner, simpler user experience.


We consider the Product Sets Insights feature to be in its first iteration, and already have a number of enhancements planned! As always, we can’t wait for you to give it a spin. Your feedback will give us a reality check on where we are and where we need to be, so please reach out to us with your comments.

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