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E-commerce south africa

This brand's ROAS improved by 326%. Find out how they did it.

A major beauty and health retailer in South Africa teamed up with ROI Hunter to improve their campaigns. This story is about their success.


the challenge

Our client wanted to increase the conversions and ROAS (return on ad spend) for their prospecting campaigns. They also wanted to improve their DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) creatives, while incorporating their own branded style into the ads.

the solution

To begin, this beauty and health brand teamed up with ROI Hunter to revamp their pixel. This was to ensure that the campaign set-up was ready to go and that the signals sent to Facebook were improved.

ROI Hunter then set the brand up with Product Insights, a tool which gathers product-level data from across channels (Facebook, Google Shopping, Google Analytics, etc.), and combines it into the ROI Hunter platform. This new holistic source of data enabled our client to quickly filter their catalogue to create product sets aligned with their goals. These data-driven product sets offered the client more control over which items were promoted and how. 


Our client used Product Insights to find their top 20% best-selling products according to Google Analytics data. They then created a product set of these bestsellers for use on Facebook. This was a wise decision, because the top 10% of products often generate around 80% of the revenue for an e-commerce catalogue. Product Insights also offered our client more control over which of their items received promotion, as they were now selecting which products should be in the product set based on their performance.

The Template Editor

Our client launched a prospecting DPA campaign using the data collected in Product Insights and the enhanced creative power from TEDI (the Template Editor). TEDI is an easy-to-use tool for automating badges and creating beautifully branded dynamic promotions without increasing a graphic designer’s workload. 

Manually adding product badges is time-consuming and means altering the original feed every time you need to make a change. As TEDI is connected to the same central source of data, it’s simple to add conditions into the promotions to generate automatic badges when those conditions are met.

For this campaign, our client used TEDI to create dynamic layers based on an item’s reduction in price (i.e. “original price” vs. “new price”) to inform customers that certain items were now a better deal. They also used TEDI to include their logo within their ad designs, adding a touch of branding.

Refine Audience

In order to avoid retargeting irrelevant audiences, ROI Hunter also set our client up with ‘Refine Audience', a tool that uses pixel data to exclude low-quality audiences. Our client used the pixel data to exclude audiences that spent less than ten seconds on their website, which led to an improvement in the relevancy and efficiency of the remarketing campaign.

the results

With ROI Hunter’s help, our client achieved astounding results. Bestsellers, TEDI (the Template Editor), and ‘Refine Audience’ proved to be a perfect combination for their campaign.

Our client’s ROAS (return on ad spend) skyrocketed up by 326%. They also attained a CTR (click-through rate) that was nine times higher. Additionally, their CPA (cost per acquisition) dropped by 80%!

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