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See how KFC South Africa’s campaigns skyrocketed

KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. Founded in the 1930s by Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC popularised chicken in fast-food service eateries. Its famous “bucket”—large portions of fried chicken served in a paper box—is one of the best-known food items across the industry.

KFC in South Africa turns 50 this year. With 960 outlets across the country, the fast-food chain is the largest franchise in South Africa. 

Return on Ad Spend
Click-through Rate
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The Challenge

KFC South Africa was looking to enable dynamic ads to boost their online sales and make their advertising more efficient by reaching the right customers with the right menu items. They also wanted to scale their branded look across all the dynamic ads they’d be creating.

The Solution

KFC, alongside their agency, Yonder, decided to team up with ROI Hunter to initiate the new campaigns. They agreed to proceed with the following solutions:

  • Setting up a dynamic environment to support DPAs and funnel-based remarketing
  • Branding their creatives at scale
  • Highlighting weekly deals
  • Creating a best-seller product set for prospecting 

Setting up a dynamic environment to support DPAs and funnel-based remarketing

ROI Hunter started by setting KFC up with Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs), an effective way to retarget customers and site visitors, to boost the online sales of over 99 products, which ranged from burgers to their “Streetwise” menu.  


Yonder helped with the implementation of the right remarketing strategy by showing specific products to people who had already expressed an interest in them, either by viewing them online or adding them to their online shopping cart.

Highlighting weekly deals

ROI Hunter also applied the templates matching KFC’s brand guidelines and used the IF/THEN conditions feature in the Template Editor (TEDI), a solution for efficiently creating dynamic promotions, to create special weekly offers, such as Wednesday-only deals. 


Creating a best-seller product set for prospecting

Yonder took advantage of ROI Hunter’s Product Insights, a tool which gathers product-level data from across different channels and merges all of the given data into the Product Performance Management (PPM) platform to create a singular, more granular data source. 

When it came to prospecting and acquiring new users, Yonder used Product Insights to identify and automate showcasing the best-selling products from KFC’s menu to new customers to gain immediate traction.  

With Product Insights, KFC could also identify ‘Hidden Gems’ by filtering for products with low Facebook impressions, but high transactions/revenue on other channels. With these products identified as strong sellers, KFC knew they were worth promoting on Facebook for good results. 

Branding their creatives at scale

In addition, the new campaigns used TEDI to create beautifully branded creatives without the need of a graphic designer. They implemented a mixture of collection and carousel ad formats to showcase KFC’s various products in enticing ways. Each ad featured strong messaging and the applicable offer that linked consumers directly to KFC’s website to encourage online purchases or curbside pickups. KFC South Africa ran the ads on Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, and Audience Network to reach more consumers in South Africa across various platforms.

The Results

KFC South Africa’s new dynamic campaign obtained significantly better results than those in the past. Their new DPA campaign outperformed their static campaigns, yielding 89% higher ROAS (return on ad spend), 23% higher CTRs (click-through rates), and a 43% decrease in CPP (cost per purchase).

In the second campaign, where they promoted and automated their best-selling products, KFC South Africa further increased their ROAS by 211% and lowered their CPP by 40%!

Nicholas Duminy, Director Digital & eCommerce: KFC South Africa

As a quick serving restaurant, developing competency in high-scale digital customer acquisition is important. We were looking for more efficient ways to reach potential customers. The efficiency of running dynamic ads to broad audiences, especially with Product Insights, allowed us to scale our new customer acquisition efforts at a faster rate. The result: hyper-charged growth at effective costs.

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