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How JD Group increased their ROAS by 89%

JD Group is a diversified retailer of furniture, household appliances, consumer electronics, and technological goods. Founded in 1983, the group provides mass-market customers in South Africa with the opportunity to create a comfortable lifestyle.

Return on ad spend
Click-through rate

The Challenge

Some of JD Group’s companies, including Incredible Connection, Hi-Fi Corp, Bradlows, and Russells, were struggling with below-par performance in their dynamic retargeting campaigns. Their bottom of the funnel audience was not responding to their remarketing campaigns to the fullest potential.

So JD Group decided to set new goals for their DPA (Dynamic Product Ads) remarketing campaigns. With ROI Hunter’s help, they hoped to: 

  • Improve the performance of their dynamic retargeting campaigns
  • Scale their spend while keeping ROAS stable

The Solution

To tackle JD Group’s challenges, ROI Hunter came up with two solutions for the new campaign:

  • Use the ‘Refine Audience’ tool
  • Use ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI)

Refine Audience 

ROI Hunter started off JD Group’s new campaign with ‘Refine Audience', a tool that uses pixel data to exclude low-quality audiences. This ensured that their DPA remarketing campaign did not target people who showed little to no intention of purchasing products on their website. 

For this campaign, JD Group used the pixel data to only include audiences that spent more than twenty seconds on their site and had also shown an interest in browsing the website’s products, which led to an improvement in the relevancy and efficiency of the remarketing campaign


Template Editor

ROI Hunter also set JD Group up with the Template Editor (TEDI), a tool for swiftly creating dynamic promotions, rapidly accelerating the speed of creation, and reducing the demand on graphic designers. With the help of TEDI, they created dynamic templates for their remarketing campaigns. 

As TEDI is completely customisable, JD Group was able to keep their branding (logos, brand colours, etc.) intact, and create ads where both the new discounted sales price and the original MSRP price are displayed on the carousel card for comparison. This led to increased user engagement through an instantaneous jump in CTR.

The Results

JD Group saw a significant improvement in the performance of their new DPA remarketing campaign. The biggest improvement was with ROAS (return on ad spend), which increased by 89%. There was also a 26% increase in CTR (click-through rate), and thanks to the above-par campaign performance, JD Group increased their DPA remarketing spend by 339%!

Rowan Struwig, Media Planner, JD Group

With the help of ROIH we were able to further optimize and improve algorithms which are available within Business Manager. We experienced a big ROAS & CTR improvement on scale. Refine audience tool combined with Template Editor made huge improvements in our dynamic campaign setup.

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