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Danube - Use Advanced Split Test Tools to Increase ROI

Danube Company Limited operates and manages the first ever Hypermarket in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. "Danube Hypermarket," as it is popularly known, caters to the everyday needs of the rising number of consumers in the city of Jeddah and the surrounding towns and cities. It now attracts an average of 20,000 customers daily.

Better ROI
Lower Cost Per Purchase


Danube owns multiple supermarkets in KSA. As the benefits of e-commerce became more apparent to residents in KSA, Danube decided to create an app that would allow their users to purchase products on the go. As with any app, their primary goal was to increase user acquisition. To do this, they decided to test the following variables and gain some insights to inform their ad strategy:

  • type of optimization goals
  • ad set segmentations

The goal of the campaign was to test multiple factors for their App Install campaigns which could impact performance and Danube’s strategy moving forward.

danube-ad-examples_gifExamples of Danube Ads we split test


The first step we decided to take was to define the type of tests we wanted to perform and to apply what we learned from the first iterations to consequent split tests.

After deciding which was the best target audience, we ran the tests to determine the following:

  • which goal to optimize for
  • how to group geographically
  • identify creative types that work better by creating customized creatives for specific audiences

Although Facebook has a split test tool of their own, our advanced split-testing tools made it possible for Danube to:

  • Deliver selected ad sets or campaigns to overlapping audiences based on their chosen percentage
  • Create split tests on previously created campaigns and customize the duration as required
  • Test any layer of the campaign like the ad set or ad or even the whole campaign itself for your chosen variable
  • Continue with the winning campaign under a regular environment

These advanced features gave Danube even more control over their tests.

ST_gifSplit testing in ROI Hunter


The results for the three split tests we ran are as follows and the winning variations have helped us with improvements:


Bryan Koller
Byron Koller, CMO, AYM Commerce

“Partnering with ROI Hunter to split test has helped us to gain insights with audience targeting and optimize our campaigns more effectively. We utilized the results and insights gained from split testing to improve our future campaigns as well. Their advanced tools made it gave us the flexibility and control that we felt was necessary for stellar campaigns."

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