We've built ROI Hunter as a Lego building kit. Connect your data and find the functionality you need to gain the best performance on Facebook!



Campaign Manager

Perform advanced bulk operations and get a complete view of Facebook and third-party data that can be easily shared with members of your team. You can also view performance goals for quick feedback and optimization of campaigns.

3rd party integration (Google Analytics, MMPs)

You can add your own third-party data and metrics that can be used in tandem with your ads for seamless automation including assisted conversions, time on site, bounce rate and product statistics from Google Analytics data and optimization.


Virtual accounts

In addition to campaign, ad set and ad views, virtual account allows you to strategically divide your campaigns (by country, marketing funnel...) and automate your ads with distinct UTM tagging and reporting for even better analysis.

Automated utm tracking

Create tracking templates with dynamic variables such as targeting, bidding, ad name and more which is then automatically applied to all ads.



Template editor
Are you ready for great looking images and dynamic banners? Our template editor allows you to create beautiful product images for your dynamic ads. It supports multiple formats, conditions and predefined templates for conversion-worthy creatives.
Dynamic creative optimization
Remove the headache of manual A/B testing. Use combinations of titles, headlines, link descriptions and images to automatically find combinations of the right targeting with the right creative set.
Product Catalog Manager
Our manager will allow you to import your feed in any format and automatically removes any errors found without having to bother your IT department. Even with frequent updates, you won‘t have to manually upload changes to your product feed.



Refine audiences

Refine and define your audiences by excluding people who, for example, spent less than ‘‘x‘‘ seconds on your site. Then, integrate advanced shopping intent (amount of viewed pages, spend in last 180 days...) and use that to slice assets in bulk, based on advanced parameters.


Performance goals

Instantaneously see which campaigns meet your goals, automatically detect campaigns that did not deliver on performance and view a chart that maps out historical data for better campaign planning in the future.


Automatic rules

Get the most advanced automation with strategic input using third-party data to create conditions and get peace of mind even when you are not online.


Offline data

Be a part of our retail incubator program that enables retailers to use offline data to integrate and optimize based on your brick-and-mortar store conversions

Tailored solutions

Optimize based on your data

We are able to integrate any data source with ROI Hunter so that you can finally optimize based on your own measurement criteria. See how we did that with Allegro, Poland's largest online retail brands.


Dynamic creatives from your assets

Create dynamic ads based on the data you already have. Find out how we did that with Fortuna, a sport betting company.

Micro-target from your CRM

Automatically update audiences as your CRM gets updated, enabling you to better use dynamic product ads with your dynamically created CRM audiences.


Custom API connectors

Don‘t try to reinvent the wheel by building complicated direct API integration for Facebook. Instead, use and customize our Lego-like API integration to fit perfectly with your needs

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