Transparency and Fairness: Those are just two of the pillars we work by here. We use fair pricing so you only pay for ads managed on ROI Hunter and not your whole Facebook Ad Account.

Your ad spend:

Estimated monthly fee:

Current monthly facebook ad spend

€0 €15000 €500k+

I’m starting

Spending less then 15K €/month.
I need to see, how FB helps my business before investing more.

I need to accelerate

I need to accelerate
Facebook ads are very important for my business, but a day only has 8 hours. Help me accelerate my operations.


Spending over 20K € /month.
I have data & systems everywhere. Please help me integrate, utilize and report using tailored solutions.

Tailored solutions

Unlimited spend & unlimited products
I have multiple systems and data everywhere. I need you to integrate, utilize and report using your tailored solutions.

Fully managed

We will run all, or some, of your campaigns for you. Ideal, if you want to reach peak performance quickly and don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to the activity.
Pricing model:
7% - 23%
Dependent on managed ad spend, which is less than average digital agency would charge. Percentage contains platform fee.


Let’s run campaigns together. Dedicated PPC specialists will help you overcome peak periods and knowledge gaps. Ideal for new clients wishing for an efficient and smooth onboarding process.
Pricing model:
5% - 12%
Dependent on managed ad spend. Percentage contains platform fee.


You are ready to run campaigns on ROI Hunter yourself. We will provide strategic and technical support, to help you further develop. Ideal for experienced clients.
Pricing model:
3% - 8%
Dependent on managed ad spend, paid only on campaigns done via ROI Hunter.

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