all you need for facebook ads in 4 steps


Acquire new customers with dynamic banners

Use power of Dynamic Ads to promote products among new relevant people on Facebook and Instagram.

Use any product feed

Using xml, csv, ftp or other types of product feeds? No problem, you can link any feed (even from Google Sheets) and change it to Facebook required format with our Feed Manager. 

Enhance images with Template Editor

Images from your feed look ugly? Enhance them with dynamic prices, logos or other elements using the built-in Photoshop Template Editor and increase CTR by at least 30%.



Retarget using dynamic audience templates

No need to always create new set of audience for remarketing. We have found what delivers best results so you can just select from 4 simple options.

Leverage your CRM data

Connect your CRM to ROI Hunter to dynamically create audiences that you can use for retargeting people who did not finish purchase or cross-sell and up-sell products.

Promote best performing categories

Instead of retargeting visitors to all products focus only on the best-selling products/categories based on sales data from Google Analytics.



Get external data into one place. Real-time.

Connect Google Analytics, Adjust, Appsflyer or Apsalar for real-time tracking and measurement of all campaigns (web, app) from one place.

Monitor different strategies in Virtual Clients

Using multiple strategies or operate on more markets? Group campaigns into various virtual ad accounts, for more precise tracking and monitoring.

Advanced UTM tagging

ROI Hunter appends UTM code automatically to each ad. Change it if you need simply by using wildcards.



Edit and update everything in bulk

Clone fast all campaigns and edit your images, headlines, targeting or bid types in bulk, even between different ad accounts.

Setup auto rules to manage campaigns

Create powerful “if-then” automatic rules to manage bids and allocate budgets between campaigns based on any metrics.

AB test automatically

Split your ad sets based on any targeting variables (incl. location, age, group, custom audiences, interests), we’ll UTM-tag them automatically for you.

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