Oct 09 2017
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Are You Ready to Speak Up?

TL;DR Speaking up can be daunting especially at work. There is the fear that what you say will not be accepted or worse alienating. Here, I go over why speaking up is exactly what we want from our employees and instaces of how that worked in the interests of everyone involved.

We want people who want to speak up, not just those who want to quietly stick to the prescribed processes. It doesn't really matter what kind of position we are going to talk - a programmer, a client partner or an accountant. If you are able to invent things and think outside the box, hell, even create your own box, then maybe you are a secret Hunter in the making.

We do our best to choose people who are able to discuss their thoughts and share their inventions. The most acclaimed person is the one who has the balls to come to our CEO, Karel, and tell him that they've got an idea! Our company actually started with a bunch of people who had an idea and the balls to turn it into reality. 

So now we have a company full of ambitious "millennials" (whatever that means) who are impatient with their ideas. They want to set the world aflame with their vision. That's OK. We love that. After all, that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we are where we are right now – proud partners of the biggest social media ventures: Facebook, Instagram and Google.

So, you must be wondering WHY would these kind of people want to work with us?


We are not a tiny company from a small Czech town anymore. Over time we've built a name in the international market and we now cooperate with key companies throughout Europe and across the globe. Despite our growth we still managed to preserve our company’s culture of a punk-like environment.

The real reason is very simple; we give our employees the space to speak up as we encourage them in their ideas.

Here are a couple of instances where this was the case:

Our management style is flat. No hierarchical, rank-pulling B.S. here: There are investors, Karel the CEO, Pavel the Product leader, a great bunch of guys (and gals) dedicated to making ROI Hunter the best ad tech tool possible. They are led by our team leaders

The only reason that we have team leaders is because Karel used to have monthly feedback sessions with every person in the company (that’s right, all 150 of us) but over time that wasn’t possible. Let’s face it, meeting with all 150 employees of ROI Hunter every month can be taxing. But, such is Karel’s dedication to employee personal actualization that the team leader positions were born. Team leaders are not task masters but act as a conduit between Karel and the growing company. Of course, if you have something to discuss you can still go to the man himself.

But what does the flat structure mean in the real world? It's very simple, we have common goals and each of us tries to deliver their part. If we succeed we grow with the company - so, if we for instance have some goals from Facebook that we achieve, a bigger budget is assigned to the team that helped make that goal possible. People also get an increase in their salaries according to their individual performance. This way you grow with the company while being incentivized to play as a team. 

You might be the newest newbie but if you have an idea which is good then it counts! And why shouldn't it, right? If you aren't really the loudest in the room but still burn with a passion and vision then do not despair. We are looking for all kinds of people because we believe having various team members gives us a competitive edge.

So, ready for a chance to speak up? Stay tuned with ROI Hunter. We've got some more exciting things coming up.

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