Jul 24 2018
5 minute read

Turn your product feed into a Hero Feed!

In our long experience working with e-commerce clients, we regularly see, that a poor product feed is one of the main reasons, why e-commerces have poor performance on Facebook. We’ve decided to create a new service that will tackle this challenge head-on!

At ROI Hunter, we've analysed the product feeds of hundreds of our clients and found out that about:

  1. 70% of feeds have errors preventing all products to be listed
  2. 90% of feeds are missing additional images
  3. 90% of feeds are missing category URLs, thus blocking the practical use of dynamic category ads
  4. 100% of feeds don't have images optimised for both Facebook and Instagram

All of this is blocking advertisers from using the standard as well as advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising features. These advertisers are therefore severely limiting their ad performance and the ROI they can achieve. That makes us very sad at ROI Hunter, and we decided to help.

Feed Hero to the rescue!

We are launching a new service, called Hero Feed. In this service, we will correct all of the above errors on your product feed and increase your ad performance using:

  • a powerful feed infrastructure, thanks to which we can work on the product level and correct errors like product names containing not allowed sequences of characters (for instance !!) automatically
  • a crawler, thanks to which we can add additional images to your product feed
  • our very own Template Editor, using which we will create beautiful and dynamic ads at scale
  • our Slideshow Editor, thanks to which we'll create engaging slideshows
  • connection to Google Analytics, thanks to which we will enable you to use product performance metrics and therefore increase ad efficiency on both re-marketing and automatic prospecting (if data from feed are matching data in GA)

+ have you heard about our brand new Video Editor? You'll be able to use that as well! :)

Of course, throughout this whole process, we will stand right next to you and guide you step-by-step to make it happen. You will get access to the ROI Hunter platform so that you can take advantage of your fabulous new Hero Feed right away!

Special Offer for First 20 customers!

The best part? For those new early adopters we have a special offer. Not only can you get a hero product feed faster than anyone else, but for a lower price.

First 20 new customers receive a 50% discount! Instead of 5,000€, you only pay 2,500€. That leaves you with 2,500€ additional budget to send your ads soaring.

We only have 20 places. Don't wait and sign up now. Don't forget to use the code "HeroFeed50." 
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Offer valid for new eCommerce and Retail customers spending 5,000€/month on Facebook Advertising.

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