Oct 26 2017
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Milan Janoštík - Challenge Yourself . Always

TL;DR Milan is the Head of Client Partners at ROI Hunter and also a member of the management team. As a leader in a startup, he has had to learn to adapt quickly. I go over what it takes to lead and success he has had along the way.

There from the Beginning

Milan was there when ROI Hunter was born. To be precise, he was actually there from the time that Business Factory, ROI Hunter’s sister company. He was one of the first employees at Business Factory and had worked with clients to develop search engine optimization strategies. While there, he became one of the first to reach an important milestone in the company’s history. With such success it would be tempting for anyone to want to stay and be comfortable.

Not for Milan. He lives by what could be said to be his personal mantra, as he puts it, “I want to challenge myself constantly.” For Milan, it was a simple decision. SEO is not as easily scalable for companies because there are so many different ways to do it and it takes time for tangible ROI to develop. Given the chance to work on a product that is scalable and evolving - he jumped on the opportunity immediately.

Ecommerce & Complex Marketing Strategies

He jumped in headfirst into work. Learning all about Facebook advertising. Milan is no stranger to being challenged. He earned a degree as an engineer, then moved into online marketing in the guise of SEO and then become one of the first employees in a startup to become the team leader for client partners at ROI Hunter. However, his willingness to learn and build upon his technology background has been extremely helpful in how he manages his team.

As any leader knows, synergy within a team is a crucial to its success. However, when your team members have individual targets, cohesion can be lost. Milan wanted to make sure that his team was understood the importance of synergy. So he started by creating incentives for working together and meeting targets. This way, his team would see the benefits of helping each other and understand that it does not take anything away from them.

Internal Accountability

As part of his role, Milan needs to make sure that new clients are able to be onboarded onto the platform seamlessly. However, there are as many online strategies as there are companies. This means that each company will have their own unique challenges that will arise. This is why Milan implemented a two-pronged approach to developing these strategies for the brands he and his client partners work with. One part of this approach is internal accountability. Internal accountability means developing his team and trusting them to take control of the tasks and obstacles that come their way.

External Confidence

The other part of the approach to helping clients is external confidence. We want to give our clients the feeling that they can use our platform. In order to that Milan is developing a way for clients to have a successful onboarding process. This will make sure that clients who work with ROI Hunter are armed with the necessary tools needed to make all of their campaigns as successful as possible.

As he leads the clients partners he strives to be a good leader and one such challenge he overcame on the way to being a good leader is that creating an environment where his team would be inclined to work together and not be worried that their helping someone else would somehow hurt them. As for future challenges, he wants to continue to learn and grow and hopes that he can be a mentor that does the same for his clients. After all, “If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re now growing.”

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