Oct 26 2017
4 minute read

Marcin - Breadth of Technology is an Advantage

TL;DR Marcin is in charge of sales for ROI Hunter in the CEE region. In this part of our Spotlight series, we will go over how having a breadth of knowledge can be an advantage in sales.

Have you ever been ready to speak in front of a group of people to convince them of something? Or perhaps it wasn’t even a group of people but one person. Either way, you have to know your stuff. Knowing what you are talking about gives you a little added confidence in what you say. Well, Marcin know his stuff. His role in charge of sales for the CEE region means that he has to meet with lots of different people who are smart and understand the nature of online advertising.

Breadth of Knowledge.

So, how exactly does one get to knowing a little bit of everything about online marketing from developing websites to search engine optimization tactics and building organic followers? Experience. Lots of it. Marcin graduated from university where he earned a degree in Marketing and Information Technology. From this he worked at Wizjanet, the largest website and e-shop developer in Poland. It is there that he learned about what people e-shop marketers want and need. From there, he left to build a snowboard portal.(Marcin loves snowboarding. Just a look at his Facebook profile will tell you as much.) Although, this is not a traditional ecommerce or e-shop. There were products and services that he had to get out to his audience and from there he built on his knowledge of Google Adwords. During this time between Wijzanet and ROI Hunter, Marcin built over 600 websites and in that process had to create some fan pages for them on Facebook. On those fan pages, he was able to organically build 150K+ followers.

Working at ROI Hunter

All of this knowledge has been helpful in speaking to clients and understanding their needs. If a client wants to know how Google’s suite of products work with Facebook. He is the man to go to. Or perhaps you want to find a way to create a refining audience strategy then once again, Marcin is your guy.

That’s not to say that he thinks he can do it all by himself. Along the way, he has had some mentors, such a his manager at Wizjanet whom he calls a “natural born leader”. Now at ROI Hunter, he looks to Roman Sedivy and Tom Havlik. About them he says that, “I know that when I go to Roman and Tom, they will be able to give me an answer if they have time. No matter what it is.”

Marcin, like other people in ROI Hunter like challenges and are logic driven. His drive to create things has given him an invaluable amount of experience that he can share with clients as well as his team in Poland.

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