Published on Sep 14 2018 4 minute read

Introducing Daily Deals Solution via personalized ads

'Daily deals' websites is the category of website that Groupon, LivingSocial etc fall unde. We have been partnering with the large Daily deaals websites in different regions for 5 year and we have learned that they have an astounding amount of data on how their customers interact with deals; purchase history, purchase frequency, LTV, favourite deals, and many others. With this information, they can send personalized emails, adjust user experience on their website and more. The next logical step would, therefore, be to apply this same knowledge to Facebook advertising. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply this kind of personalized marketing at scale. We have decided to change that and are happy to introduce a new service, which enables our clients to match personalised messages to every single customer - Groupon website solution!

How does Daily Deals Solution work?

Daily Deals Solution means, that you deliver a specific deal to specific customers. We only need a “deal-to-customer matching” file that is updated on your side (for instance Google Spreadsheet), where you dynamically decide which deals you want to deliver to which customers. A practical example of such a spreadsheet can look like this:


Our system automatically synchronizes with the file and dynamically assigns the right deals to the right customers. A deal can be:

  • a product from your product feed or
  • a custom message that is created by a custom data source and our template editor.


What are the advantages of our Daily Deals Solution?

First of all, our system can work with an unlimited amount of deals and customers. Additionally, you can put more deals into one carousel ad. Finally (and the best part is), our system can use lookalike technology to find more potential clients for your deals based on your past customers!

The whole idea is based on limiting the products that a potential customer can see. When you show customers the whole catalog you have, you have to trust various algorithms to match only the best performing products with the best “performing audience”.By limiting which products specific clients see, you can:

  1. reach more people with more relevant content
  2. find out which combinations or suggestions don't work, because with Daily Deals Solution only try a few deals instead of your whole portfolio

With the amount of data that companies have, it makes sense to only show ads to people who are the most relevant. This improves the results of campaigns from the client’s end, but it also improves the user experience and relationship with the client. More focused campaigns yield better results. Daily Deals Solution is the future of Facebook advertising for groupon website. If you have data about your customers that you would like to utilise, to make your advertising more relevant, contact us today.

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