Jun 11 2016
6 minute read

4 + 1 Hacks For Easy Campaign Optimization

TL;DR Your campaigns are running so now, it’s time to take care of them to achieve KPI targets. In ROI Hunter, we managed to bring data from Facebook, Google Analytics, Adjust and other mobile measurement partners, so reading and evaluating data can be challenging. But don’t worry, our 5 hacks and a Campaign Manager tool will help you to save time and easily optimize your ads.
#1 HACK: Be the master of your data

Create the best overview and add as many columns and metrics you need to see in Campaign Manager. Customize your views not only in a table, but display metrics in chart with one click. Once you’re happy, save current view as a new template so you don’t need to set it up again. Create as many templates as you wish, we pre-set up the most used ones ahead for you (Google Analytics performance, FB actions, Mobile App tracking etc.). Your templates can include also used filters (e.g. show only active campaigns), metrics used in a chart, preferred FB spend currency or attribution window settings.

Once you’re all set, check out your KPIs ideally every two days or set up autorules:

Low CTR -> change targeting and revise creative, possibly you’re not reaching the right people with the right creative, try A/B testing (clone ad to the same ad set and edit only 1 thing in creative)

Good CTR, no conversions -> check call to action and landing page, people like your ad but maybe they are not getting what they expect from ad message

High CPC -> check relevance score and CTR, the lower CTR is, the higher CPC goes

Low Relevance score -> change creative to improve CTR or ad engagement: likes, shares, comments (even negative ones can improve scoring)

Low Impressions -> check if you’re not overlapping with another campaign, for oCPM bidding make sure, your ad is getting enough conversions for which is optimized for, so bidding algorithm has enough data to adjust

Frequency -> keep it below 2 for prospecting campaigns (max. 5!), otherwise CTR will drop down and CPC will increase rapidly

Decreasing Impressions -> check negative feedback (if people are not hiding ad), low relevance score, high frequency

#2 HACK: Sharing is caring

If you need a little help from your colleague to revise some campaigns, simply send him a link to Campaign Manager. URL contains variable parameter (e.g. www.app.roihunter.com/…/view=1rsq) and keeps info about your current view, so your colleague doesn’t need to adjust his view to see exactly the same metrics as you do. Great time saver for team co-work. 

#3 HACK: Facebook and Google hand-in-hand

If you have difficulties to evaluate all these numbers in the table, our chart will come quite handy. Bright colors and lines can help you identify peaks and drops in performance. You don’t need to switch from platform to platform since Facebook and Google data are integrated, including Google Analytics goals. Furthermore, you can set up automatic rules combining both sources to stop badly performing ads. Reveal 10 automatic rules we recommend for better ad performance in this article.

#4 HACK: Time to export

If you need to export data to create pivot tables, make sure to set up scheduled exports. Exports are taken from a selected View Template and will be sent to a specific email address. A simple way how to make your boss happy.

#Bonus HACK: Virtual Accounts

One of the best hacks of ROI Hunter is that you can create various “virtual” ad accounts and group your marketing strategies according to marketing funnel. Divide your ad account into virtual clients such as prospecting, re-marketing, dynamic ads, mobile app installs, each client has a separate Campaign Manager, but View Templates are shared. This will help you to connect different Google Analytics profiles to each virtual account and strategy and measure goals even more precisely when using different currency connected to the country where your virtual ad account is advertising. 

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