Profitable E‑commerce at Scale

Introduce your team to true, performance-driven marketing. Use product-level insights to create campaigns based on profitability, chance of return, margin, and much more.

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ROI Hunter's experience and product insights tool has allowed us to take our Google shopping campaigns to the next level, providing substantial short and long-term growth.

Harry Curtis

Performance Specialist at EQVVS

Extraordinary account managers. Every year that I have worked with them they have brought product improvements. This is what has made us stick with ROI Hunter for over 4 years now.


Ameay Kumar

Head of Digital Marketing at Max Fashion (MENA)

ROI Hunter has been a very strategic partner for Magalu. Working with them has brought us access to unique tools with actionable insights that result in amazing improvements.

Luca Ferraz

Senior Performance Marketing Analyst

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Product Performance Management

Empower marketers with actionable data for Meta, Instagram, and Google campaigns, increase the capacity of graphic designers with customizable templates, enable category managers with performance insights.
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We know how to help your team get the best results

  • The PPM platform connects to your company’s product feed, integrating product-level data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Google ads, internal systems and e-commerce platforms
  • This data can be used to optimise campaigns for profitability, looking at factors like margin, chance of return, under-promotion, and over-promotion
  • Finally, dynamic data-driven ads can be created at scale using customisable templates, and videos can be generated from static images through our Creative Factory tool.
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The PPM platform marks the opportunity for a shift to sustainability. Rather than focusing on ROI in general, marketers can zero in on problematic metrics (margin, return rate, etc.) to find where the problem is actually coming from, then optimise that metric.




Profit over new revenue. Create a new business from existing customers, and grow sustainably. With a PPM platform, marketers can increase profit by finding and promoting only high-margin products. They can reduce return rates by filtering out items likely to be returned. They can check search data to find the right channel for every product.


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The PPM platform makes it possible for every team to work from the same place, and with the same information. No projects have to be stalled to create time to help other teams; everyone works together. This reduces friction and resentment between teams, while speeding up performance.

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