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4 steps to boost your roi on facebook and instagram

Drive relevant traffic to your website with our Dynamic Ads for New Customers. Plug your product feed to ROI Hunter, make images look beautiful with Template Editor and choose who you want to target. When done, sit back, relax and watch transactions coming.

For visitors who did not convert, retarget them with products they browsed or added to cart, using Dynamic Ads for Remarketing. Use the same feed as for acquisition, pimp your images up and let ROI Hunter together with Facebook algorithms do the job for you.

To maximise results from Facebook and Instagram ads you need to know how to measure them correctly. There are tons of metrics but only few that really matter. ROI Hunter shows you the most important ones from Facebook, Google Analytics, Adjust, Appsflyer and Apsalar.

Even if you setup everything correctly, management of campaigns can still be very time consuming. That’s why we came up with Automatic Rules that allow you to automatically change bids and allocate budgets across different campaigns based on their performance. Happy hunting :)

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ROI Hunter is goal driven, constantly improving and searching for new ways to optimize the results. Basically, there´s not a fortnight going without some modifications of algorithms or campaigns. That's an approach, we are happy to see as it ensures us that our business goals are priority no.1 to ROI Hunter team.
ROI Hunter makes advertising on Facebook much easier than using regular Facebook tools like Ads Manager and Power Editor. You can upload tons of ads much faster, create automation rules, use advanced features for the dynamic product feeds and enjoy a nice and intuitive user interface. ROI Hunter has an awesome support and they will try to help you, regardless of the situation. The tool is perfect for savvy performance marketers as well as for marketers who are just beginning to explore Facebook's advertising possibilities.
ROI Hunter helps us to scale traffic and revenue through Facebook. Now we can control ads in whole Europe very very precisely using data from Google Analytics and from our feeds.
Facebook worked very well for us this year. ROI Hunter helped us tremendously to save time and maximise returns from our campaigns. In particular, the combination of Facebook and Google Analytics data with A/B testing really helped us to understand who our customers are. Definitely using the tool again for STEP 2016!

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Create your first campaign in 3 minutes & get a 14-day FREE trial