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Yashry's enhanced dynamic ads increased ROAS by 49%!

Yashry is a fashion e-commerce platform based in Egypt. As Egypt’s top fashion store, Yashry’s selection includes major brands from all over the world (USA, UK, Turkey, etc.). Yashry’s online marketplace gives Egyptian consumers the opportunity to choose a product they want from a foreign brand, which Yashry then ensures will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

more transactions
cost per transaction
higher roas

the challenge

Though Yashry had been running dynamic ads for a long time, they were interested in improving their performance by integrating product-level data into their campaign analyses. Using this data, Yashry wanted to find new product opportunities, and ensure the items being promoted to their customers were as relevant as possible. 

While running dynamic ads of any sort can be incredibly effective compared to traditional ads, many retailers run into an issue if their catalog is particularly large: ignored products. In fact, we’ve found that it’s common for 50% of all impressions to go to just 1% of the catalog when retailers use a single product set for their dynamic campaigns.

the solution

Retailers can enhance their dynamic promotions by separating their catalog into separate product sets, each optimised for a specific goal (high-margin, best-seller, etc.). Unfortunately, many e-commerce companies lack the product-level data needed to quickly filter their catalog into these specific categories, and keep them updated. 

ROI Hunter set Yashry up with the Product Insights feature, which collects product-level data from across channels (Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Shopping, etc.), and integrates it within ROI Hunter’s platform. With this new source of data, Yashry was able to quickly filter their catalog to create product sets aligned to their goals, giving them control over which products were seeing promotion.

Best-seller product sets

Yashry used their best-selling products for their prospecting campaigns. If you’re prospecting with dynamic ads, the customers you’re targeting are there because of their similarity to your current customers. For that reason, best-sellers are a great product set to use, because you already know these are the products that resonate with your audience. Rather than creating just one product set of their best-selling items, Yashry found even greater success using two best-seller product sets: one for men, one for women.

Top products per category

Yashry found a great use case by focusing, not only on best-selling products overall, but also by category. With this method, they were able to increase their performance for specific categories (e.g., Accessories, Shoes for Men, Clothing for Women). It didn't stop there; the products with the most traction were picked up by Yashry's remarketing campaigns, taking their performance to an even higher level. 

Underperforming products

Success in e-commerce isn’t just about showcasing the most successful products: it’s also important to exclude the underperformers. Yashry found that some of their items had a high number of impressions, were using up a large portion of the ad spend, yet still weren’t bringing in results. By adding these items to a separate product set, Yashry was able to exclude them from promotion while still keeping them available for sale for truly interested parties.

the results

Yashry’s new and improved dynamic ads soon led to some incredible results. Their more specific offerings led to an increase in transactions, excluding under-performers lowered costs, and with all this in place, their return on ad spend (ROAS) jumped dramatically higher! The results (as per Google Analytics) are detailed below.

yashry results

ahmed auf
Ahmed Auf - Performance Marketing Manager at Yashry.com

ROI Hunter’s Product Insights feature has been a game changer for us in maximizing our ad spend efficiency and identifying hidden opportunities that were missed due to large catalogue size. It helped us make data driven decisions on which product sets to cut and the ones to scale based on clear ROAS data. Since then our dynamic ads have been more lean and we were able to minimize wasted spend.

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