70% reduction COP
4x more purchases
3x increase in roas
E-commerce Brazil

Vitrine - Onboard for Success

Vitrine is an online outlet store that is based in Brasil that provide affordable clothing for women. They want to use DPA campaigns to grow their business and joined ROI Hunter to do it. Even during their onboarding process, they were able to see incredible results.


Vitrine Outlet knew that Facebook advertising could lead to great results if implemented wisely. This is why they were interested in DPA. With DPA, they could hone in on their targeting to reach consumers that were more likely to purchase from their website.

Vitrine needed PPC experts to set up pixels, structure their DPA campaigns and determine which strategies would help to increase sales on the site. This would all be set-up during the onboarding process which takes 4-8 weeks depending on the need.

vitrine-3.png Vitrine Outlet


Vitrine had been using DPA before coming to us. In order to make sure that we are able to truly understand the pain points of clients that start working with us, our client success managers schedule regular meetings with them.


  • analyzed Facebook pixels to determine how best to segment relevant audiences
  • chose audiences that were likely to convert:
    • LaL from prospecting campaigns
    • visitors who never saw specific products or categories
    • mixed and matched specific events for better analysis

vitrine-2.png Vitrine Outlet


This all leads to incredible results in the course of 4 weeks. Based on Facebook Pixel and a 28 day after click attribution, we saw 3X more add to carts, 4X more purchases. The cost of purchase reduced by 70% and 23 brought 3X more ROAS.

vitrine-1.png Vitrine Outlet

“Working with ROI Hunter has given me free time to manage other aspects of my business. Creating campaigns is much simpler on the platform and the results are much more consistent. This enables us to get better results with less effort and less investment in marketing.”

Igor Brito CEO

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