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How Mava Sports Used Slideshow DPA to Raise CTR by 75%

Mava Sports was created in 2015 by only two people who were in search of the perfect workout glove and compression garments. Mava Sports has since empowered athletes worldwide with top quality gear to become their reliable training and recovery aid gear. They are now expanding to over seven markets, with over 500,000 clients worldwide.

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MavaSports has a team of skilled marketers who want to stay at the top of their digital advertising game. To this end, they always try the latest technology available. They soon noticed an alarming trend that static creatives were slowly dropping in performance. If they wanted to beat their competitors in the US market, then they needed to find a way to create attractive moving images that scale.

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From the initial phase, our customer success manager sat down with their marketing manager and decided that the fastest way to interrupt and reverse failing performance was to show something new to their potential customers. Luckily, we already had a tool that could help to do just that. We set in motion a plan create simple animated dynamic ads using ROI Hunter's Slideshow editor with predefined graphic templates. Dynamic Slideshow is an ROI Hunter feature that allows users to use data from their product catalog to create moving images. We collect data points like product description, sale, price, color and more to give as much information to the viewer in a way that is enticing.

Slideshow DPA allowed Mava Sports to create ads with moving images at scale but without the need of any additional technical implementation from their side.

During the initial phase of the solution, we created two types of slideshows:

1. Slideshow with Images from Product Feed.
  • Mava Sports only had one central image that we could use for the slideshows
  • We generated additional moving images with our template editor
  • Each slide contained additional information such as price, 1+1 free promotion

These simple changes managed to give results that superseded what we expected


2. Slideshow with images crawled from Mava Sports’ website.

  • We crawled their website to upload multiple images to their product catalog


Another option we can implement is if your site does not have thousands of products is to convert or create a new one from your feed to Google spreadsheet. Add these additional image URLs to an additional image URL column (separated by commas). Of course, if on the other hand, your website is more extensive, you can use ROI Hunter’s unique feature to get your additional images to your catalog without any manual work.ads 02_big_gif

Mircea Adrian Joian, Co-founder at Mava Sports

"ROI Hunter’s Slideshow DPAs showed us the path to a new way of doing FB ads - one that’s better and delivers fast results.
Not only did we manage to increase our conversions but we also increased our ROI, which everybody knows it’s almost impossible to do when scaling."

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