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Online Retail Slovakia

STROPS - Smooth Scaling Without Remarketing

STROPS are a fashion e-commerce start-up from Slovakia. They used to say that we are “a small e-commerce start-up”, but thankfully those days are behind them. They are proud to say that they scaled their business using exclusively Facebook Ads.

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Despite the following issues STROPS faced, they were able to turn their advertising around even with limited resources.

  • Maintaining up to 200 campaigns throughout 7 countries
  • Lacking e-commerce-related data for campaign optimization
  • Demanding campaign creating
  • Lack of knowledge of Facebook native tools.

The Goal

Our goal is to make fashion available for everyone in Europe. Now we are shipping to 9 countries and still have less than 50 staff members. Focusing on a single marketing channel allowed us to have more time to step up our game elsewhere – we could think about the people we were selling to and their needs first, instead of relentlessly tracking cookies and juggling multiple KPI markers.


Our main strategy to focus primarily on prospecting on Facebook. You can split your budget between many media channels… but if you do, you frequently end up with overlapping audiences all over the Web and no defined funnel to guide them through. Unfortunately for marketers, it is also difficult to track analytics across channels. And for a startup looking to scale, it is incredibly important to know your strengths and weaknesses.



The Success

  • We are now shipping to 8 new countries after just 4 months of advertising
  • 31% Boost in Conversion Rate of Facebook ads
  • 44% Boost in Conversion Rate of Facebook ads
  • 2x Higher ROI
  • Less than 50 employees
  • A well-defined media strategy

Start-up ad guide:

  • Focus on mass prospecting with smaller re-marketing audiences. Otherwise if you combine the two, you might end up having an overlap of re-marketing audiences within prospecting
  • Try to target your whole audience and add prospecting to it
  • Inspire your audience – make ads with added value for people


peter ciganik
Peter Ciganik, STROPS CEO

"We chose Ads FMP ROI Hunter because they have a long-standing experience with helping e-commerce outlets and Facebook recommended them to us.”

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