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Online Retail UAE

Splash - Expand Into Multiple Markets and Scale by 8X

Splash is an online retailer that offers reasonably priced and seasonal fashion. They are headquartered in the Middle East and are part of the Landmark group.

New markets expanded into
increase in average order value
Increase in ad spend


We already worked with Max Fashion, which is another concept within the Landmark group. After they saw the success that our client partners had in getting offline results from online Facebook campaigns, they wanted to see what we could do to help them reach their goals.

This meant finding out what we could do to improve upon the strategies they already had in place. Splash wanted to focus on performance marketing which is also scalable while we are able to maintain the ROI as they expanded into new markets.


After Splash met with our client partners, we were able to piece together a strategy that would help them to meet their goals. We retrieved raw data from Splash and with it, created custom and lookalike audiences. These were then used in prospecting and re-marketing campaigns. By continuously testing our target audience and analyzing the impact on the campaigns we were able to create various website custom audiences across the funnel. By reaching multiple target segments, we were able to scale the spend whilst reaching our KPI’s.

We used custom audiences from customer files, website traffic, offline activity and Facebook/Instagram engagement to expand our relevant reach which resulted in increased purchases.

For our prospecting campaigns, we used lookalike audience because these were individuals that had common interests with customers from Splash’s database (as per usual, this data was hashed to protect the user’s identity). We then re-marketed using dynamic product ads. These ads would show users products that they showed interest in specific products. In the course of implementing the strategy, we found that mobile collections brought the highest engagement when implemented in the prospecting part of the strategy.


Throughout the course of our campaigns with Splash, we were able to see:

  • Increased Average order value by 53%
  • 472% increase in ad spend or 8X increase in ad spend whilst maintaining ROI
  • Expanded to 2 markets

Thanks to our client partners’ close attention of their strategies, they were also able to quickly detect which tactics worked and which needed to be replaced.

This case study was prepared in cooperation with Business Factory


Pallavi Thakral, Digital marketing Manager

"Splash has never met a perfect business partner in the face of an agency. They served multiple purposes within a short span of time. ROI HUNTER’s technology addressed the biggest concern in today’s retail space, how to analyze Digital Marketing acquired customer leads from offline stores. Weekly reviews, analytical deep dives, and monthly reports keep one abreast and free from following up and being worrisome. ROI HUNTER has been always the first adopter in rolling out any new element from Facebook, and keep us updated."

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