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How Sivvi Increased Their App Installs

Sivvi, A leading fashion e-commerce in the region, wanted to boost the number of App Installs. The primer intention was to try and implement the strategies which could help them scale with the least increase in the cost per install. Sivvi also wanted to test Facebook’s capabilities of running dynamic ads for app install and even land the user to the same products they clicked on the ad once the app is being installed. The whole new setup helped them to fuel up their future strategy from the very first experiment. ROI Hunter’s Template editor tool made it possible for them to apply attractive templates on the raw images and give them look and feel as per the brand guidelines.

scale in app install campaigns
better CTRs
Lower CPI for mobile app install campaigns


The goal of the campaign was to test dynamic ads as a factor if it could impact campaigns performance and the future strategy:

sivvi-challengeSivvi Dynamic Ads



1. Sivvi wanted to know which strategy would be beneficial in the long term and worked with ROI Hunter’s customer success managers to work on that. After that ROI Hunter’s customer success managers analyzed the results of the initial tests around dynamic ads and suggested applying the strategy on subsequent campaigns.

2. Targeting was for 18-55 male and females in UAE, KSA, KWT interested in online shopping and fashion brands, and the audience was found to be relevant as tested in the past.

3. Utilized Facebook’s capabilities of Dynamic Ads for App Install with the product catalogs being already used for other Dynamic Ads.

4. We first did a small test and saw considerable improvements in the CTRs and then adapted the complete dynamic structure.

5. ROI Hunter’s platform allowed us to have the unique theme templates created the winning campaign and continue with the campaign under a typical environment. We also used what we learned going forward with other campaigns.



We onboarded Sivvi almost 3.5 years ago and have been helping them with their user acquisition and remarketing strategies on Facebook.

Facebook has been an excellent channel for the Brand for both acquisition and remarketing and helped them with the quality customers. The brand is looking forward to further scaling using Facebook.

We used dynamic ads for install with the ROI Hunter templates and which were relevant and eye-catching and as per user-level recommendations.

  1. 3.5x Scale in App Installs Campaigns,
  2. 24% better CTRs,
  3. 6% lower CPI for Mobile App install campaigns
Bhaskar Reddy, Digital Marketing Manager, Sivvi

“Our goal from Facebook ads was to scale the mobile app acquisition, and ROI Hunter helped us setting up dynamic ads for install with the special templates and reach potential customers with the help of great creatives which were relevant and eye-catching and as per user-level recommendations. As a result, our app installations scaled to 3.5x App Installs with 24% better CTR and 6% lower CPI.”

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