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Shoptime’s ROAS jumped 93%. Take a look at how.

Shoptime is an all-round online store in Brazil and is part of the Americanas S.A. Group. The company’s products range from different categories, such as “Furniture & Appliances'',  “Electronics & Media”, and “Toys, Hobby & DIY”.


The challenge

Challenge 1:

Shoptime was looking to improve their overall Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and ad cost, while also maintaining scalability in their campaigns. Their challenge was to find out exactly which products would be in highest demand during March.

Challenge 2:

During Shoptime’s anniversary in April, they offer some of their best promotions of the year, but this time of year also comes with steep goals for the brand. The goal last April was to bring in as much revenue as possible and successfully retarget users during their anniversary month.

The Solution

Because of their history working together, Shoptime was already connected with ROI Hunter’s Product Insights, a feature that gathers product-level data from across channels (Meta, Google Shopping, Google Analytics, etc.), and combines it into the ROI Hunter platform.

Challenge 1:

With ROI Hunter’s unique capability of using Google data to analyse a Meta product set, Shoptime targeted products that were currently trending in Google search. 

Using a Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) campaign targeting users who had already visited the page before, Shoptime created a product set out of the top 10% Google Shopping impressions. With this information, it was possible to understand which of their products were in highest demand at the moment and scale their promotion based on that for Meta.

Challenge 2:

Shoptime decided to try out hourly retargeting, a unique benefit that is only available with ROI Hunter. In this type of campaign, the target audience is based on an hourly (rather than daily) timeframe in which a consumer viewed a specific product, but didn’t complete the purchase. In Shoptime’s case, ROI Hunter created a DPA retargeting campaign with two ad groups made up of people who had added to their cart in the last six hours and people who had visited the product page in the last six hours


The Results

Challenge 1:

After just one month on this campaign with ROI Hunter, Shoptime’s ROAS was 12% higher than in their other campaigns. Their average order value (AOV) was also 45% higher and the ad cost (cost/revenue) was 11% better than the average.

Challenge 2:

After trying out ROI Hunter’s hourly retargeting, Shoptime’s ROAS was 92% higher than average. Their conversion rate also jumped to 72% higher than average and their click-through rate (CTR) was 101% higher than average. To top it off, their average order value (AOV) also jumped by 67%.

(All result metrics are based on campaigns done with ROI Hunter)

Barbara Rebello, Head of Marketing at Shoptime

We are very happy with the results obtained during Shoptime’s anniversary campaign. With ROI Hunter, we were able to take advantage of many opportunities and be even more assertive in our actions, increasing our reach.

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