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See how Kuntokauppa scored a 130% increase in their ROAS

Kuntokauppa is a Nordic e-commerce sporting goods company founded in 2007. The platform sells electric bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines, and other cardio equipment, as well as a comprehensive range of body care products, water sports, home training, and gym equipment.



Google Analytics return on ad spend
Facebook Cost per acquisition
Facebook Click-through rate

The challenge

Kuntokauppa’s goal was to create a more efficient budget by ensuring they weren’t overpromoting low-value and poor-performing products in their Facebook DPAs (dynamic product ads) campaigns. 

The Solution

Kuntokauppa has been using the ROI Hunter Product Performance Management (PPM) platform to optimise their social ads’ performance since 2021.

The initial choice for their goal was to analyse their catalogue with ROI Hunter’s new Segments solution, which allows users to set the parameter for the desired budget and the performance they expect to receive on a product.

Kuntokauppa has a catalogue with massive price gaps across its inventory (e.g. e-bikes from €1500-3000 and low-value items like waistbands for €10), so the ROI Hunter team built Kuntokauppa a setup with the same concept as ‘Segments - Poor Performers’ using the Product Insights solution.

This setup in Product Insights allowed Kuntokauppa to set the threshold for the spend and price ratio and the expected ROAS (return on ad spend) for their product inventory. 

Using this setup, it was then possible to create a product set that excluded poor-performing items from their DPA campaign based on the spend and price ratio and ROAS. 

As shown below, Kuntokauppa filtered for products with a price above €100, a spend and price ratio of less than 1, and Facebook ROAS greater than 1 in the last 30 days. 

Products not meeting these filters were considered poor performers and were excluded from DPA promotion.

By excluding poor performers, the budget could be focused on promoting the products that would help Kuntokauppa achieve their desired ROAS. This filter also restricted low-value products from being over-promoted.

After creating the product set with this filter, Kuntokauppa tested the effectiveness of this setup for six weeks with a Meta split test format that compared ‘All products - BAU (Business As Usual)’ with ‘All products - excluding poor performers’ campaigns.

The Results

ROI Hunter’s Product Insights offered Kuntokauppa unique visibility into product performance data, enabling them to optimise their budget by ensuring they wouldn’t promote low-value and low-performing products. This ultimately allowed them to reallocate their spend toward items that generate sales and improve their margin.

As a result of the split test (with the same amount of spending in each ad set), the ‘All products, excluding poor performers’ product set outperformed the ‘All products BAU’ product set, earning 42% higher ROAS (return on ad spend) in Google Analytics.

When comparing the Google Analytics ROAS account average to the six weeks before the new product set, their overall Google Analytics ROAS went up by 130%, their Facebook CPA (cost per acquisition) dropped by 22%, and their Facebook CTR (click-through rate) increased by 51%.

Juha Kujala - Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

“Earlier when using dynamic product ads for prospecting, we were struggling to promote the right products which lead to unsatisfying results. ROI Hunter helped us to overcome this problem by creating a solution that promotes well-performing products and decreases spending on products that haven’t met our performance goals. Thanks to this we have been able to increase our ROAS on Facebook. ROI Hunter has also made managing our FB advertising much more efficient.”

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