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Raiffeisenbank: 6x Lower CPL Thanks to Dynamic Creative

Raiffeisen Bank is a multinational company that offers financial services to individuals, SMEs and larger enterprises. They wanted to increase the number of leads for their "Quick Loan" product and partnered with ROI Hunter, using dynamic creative, to reach their goal of 6X lower CPL.

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Competition on the loan market is extensive, as result, attracting potential customers has become very difficult. For their new campaign Raiffeisen Bank, decided to try the feature that was first on released on ROI Hunter and a select other FMPs to see if it would increase the number of leads they had.

Raiffeisen Bank was one of the first banks on the Czech market to test dynamic creative. They wanted to increase the chances of getting more leads without having to go through the process of manually creating tests for each of their ad assets. This is where DC comes in, it allows users to upload multiple assets (text, images, descriptions) and test which combination will work best for your target audience. The best combinations will be served to different segments of your target audience, based on how likely they will be to meet your objective goal.

The goal of the campaign was to point out all of the main benefits of Raiffeisen Bank’s “Quick Loan” product and reach as relevant an audience as possible. The ads for bank loans are usually quite expensive but this was not the case, when they partnered with ROI Hunter.



The whole campaign was based on their TV ad series. In this particular ad, a charismatic detective, Arthur, is accompanied by his beautiful assistant Victoria. Due to the loud music, Victoria was unable to hear what Arthur was saying to her. This resulted in a pun based on the similarity of the words “Puccini” and “Půjč mi” (Czech translation for “Lend me money”).

The Quick Loan product will reward its customers with an interest rate of only 4.9% which is currently the lowest you can find. Apart from presenting the obvious benefits, we had to prepare the strategy so we could beat out the competition and bring good quality leads at the lowest price possible.

We did not want to rely on DC but wanted to know if when tested against other formats (single image and carousel and video) dynamic creative would win. Then, we made a video engagement audience and re-marketed to people with the “Quick Loan” offer. The banners in our carousels showed the benefits of the Quick Loan by using the same slogan as the TV spot.


Dynamic creative completely won over the other ad formats, which had a smaller amount of conversions. As a result, we switched off these ads almost immediately in order to have only the best performing ads.

And what were the results?

  • We reached nearly 300,000 users that are currently interested in bank loan
  • Campaigns with dynamic creative had 6x lower cost per lead that those with standard ads,
  • 5.90% conversion rate for dynamic creative.

Dynamic creative is a great tool that will help save time. Thanks to our partnership with Facebook, we were able to provide this product to our clients before it was released on Facebook. This gave them an advantage that could not be beat.

Jakub Černý, Digital Marketing Specialist

“We were positively surprised by the results of the “Quick Loan” campaign. dynamic creative, which was co-developed by Business Factory, is very likely to be used in our future campaigns as well.”

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