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E-commerce Brazil

Netshoes' ROAS just blasted off: 44% increase! Check it out.

Netshoes is the leading e-commerce sporting goods store in Latin America. Based in Brazil, the company offers equipment and merchandise for football, running, weight-lifting, and other sports on their website. As of 2019, Netshoes has become part of Brazil’s online marketplace, Magazine Luiza.

higher ROAS
more transactions
higher revenue

the challenge

With COVID-19 changing the way people shop, Netshoes was ready to try new strategies to  maximise their revenue and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Working with ROI Hunter, Netshoes began accomplishing smaller challenges that would advance them toward these key goals. 

There were three main hurdles to vault. Netshoes needed: 

  • More insight into their performance 
  • A method for using their business data strategically
  • A way to brand their creatives with Netshoes’ visual identity

With these initial goals in mind, Netshoes and ROI Hunter got to work.

the solution

Netshoes started with ROI Hunter’s Template Editor (TEDI). Though the initial reason for TEDI was to grow Netshoes’ brand identity, the company also found great use for TEDI’s scheduling feature. By building their promotions on templates, they were able to schedule weekly changes to their promotions, without needing to manually trigger them. 

TEDI made it fast and simple for Netshoes to scale their promotions and improve their branding. Once they had designed the look they wanted for one ad, it just took the click of a button to apply that look to the rest of the ads in the campaign. In addition Netshoes added conditions to their promotions, prompting special badges and stamps to appear for products meeting those conditions (e.g. free shipping, best-seller, on sale, etc.).

Next, Netshoes used the Product Insights feature to gather product-level data from each channel, integrating the data streams within ROI Hunter. With this new holistic source of data,, it was simple for Netshoes to filter their catalog to create highly specific product sets, each focused on a separate goal (high margin sales, prospecting, etc.)

Finally, Netshoes used the integrated data to create a product set of “hidden gem” items that weren’t getting enough attention. To create this set, Netshoes searched for products with a low number of impressions on Facebook, but a high number of transactions on Google Analytics. This was made far simpler by having all their data sources integrated in one place.

the results

The new branding strategy, alongside the more specific product sets for dynamic ads, pushed the number of transactions Netshoes saw up by 29%! And even better, they saw that increase while actually decreasing their spend by 11%. 

Transactions weren't the only major uptick: revenue was up 28%, and return on ad spend (ROAS) soared a whopping 44%!

Strong branding. In-depth understanding of performance. Specific product sets. With these pillars in place, Netshoes was able to achieve incredible results.

Bruna Karine, Media Analyst, Netshoes

ROI Hunter helped us to work on other business fronts: exploring different templates, using opportunities in product sets with business data and information sent in the catalog. The test was important for us to increase the exposure of SKU’s that were not gaining relevance in our campaigns.

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