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Al-Qurashi group almost doubled their Facebook advertising ROI using ROI Hunter

Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is one of the biggest perfume manufacturers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They aim to increase their international sales by increasing an online presence through their e-commerce site.

Increase in ROI
Decrease in CPA
Increase in Conversion Rate


Al-Qurashi’s primary source of business was indirect marketing, and they skewed heavily toward branding and engagement. While they were able to get impressive results, the primary challenges were scaling and maintenance of their average cost per order. In deciding to partner with us, Al Qurashi had three main points that they wanted to address:

  • Increase the number of qualified visitors to their website
  • Increase the number of transactions.
  • Test the dynamic product ads because it was a functionality that they had never used before.

al-qurashi_01Al-Quarashi Products


Before setting up new campaigns, we evaluated previous campaigns, which mainly consisted of engagement campaigns (also known as boosted posts) and campaigns optimized for link clicks. Based on this, we determined the aspects of Al Qurashi's performance marketing to improve on.

With the help of ROI Hunter's Catalog Manager and Template Editor, we prepared a Slideshow DPA campaign. Without any video production tools, Al Qurashi was able to create stunning animated and dynamic creatives which received a fantastic response from the target audience. We were able to do this without creating excessive stress on Al Qurashi's IT or production department.

To further optimize these results, we have split tested the campaign between optimizing for add-to-cart and purchase events. We have also tested several various Lookalike Audiences to make sure the ads are shown to the perfect audience. Finally, we have fixed an overlap between the static and prospecting DPA campaigns.

al-qurashi-ad-gifAl-Qurashi - Slideshow Dynamic Product Ad


Historically, marketers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia resisted placing Facebook and Instagram into the centre of their activities. Together with Al-Qurashi group, we have been able to show, that if managed correctly, these two channels can bring comparative, if not better results than other channels. Specifically on this campaign, we have been able to generate:

  • an ROI of 3.3
  • a Conversion Rate of 1.55%

Comparing to historical campaigns, this represents a tremendous increase in all key metrics:

Al Qurashi ResultsAl-Quarashi Marketing Results

mohammed faisal
Mohammed Faisal, Head of Digital Marketing - Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Group

At Al-Qurashi, indirect marketing had been our staple method of getting sales and had indeed proven useful. However, we are glad that we partnered up with ROI Hunter to really reap the benefits of Facebook advertising. They showed us what was really possible with Facebook but with the use of their Slideshow DPA feature, we were able to maximize the elements that come from devising a strategic advertising plan.“

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